Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hard Core!

Speed Shop opened up for a few brave ones this morning

First to arrive Lucas and Melissa

Matt making sure there were other crazies working out

Donna PT was all smiles and toasty warm in her snow gear

Last but not least Steve made it over the ridge with his snowy bike in tow

We had to thaw out the important parts

The group ended up getting a great 1.5 hour workout.

Fast Freddie worked tirelessly to keep the driveway clear for a safe exit. Tomorrow we are taking on the Speed Shop TT. Look for standings at

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Speed Shop has heated up!

Lots of updating to do from the "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop.

Let's start out with the The “Top Dog” Fall TT Competition. We added a Master’s 40+ Men and Women’s 40+ Time Category. The latest standings are here. Heading into the last few weeks Steve W. is eyeballin' Lucas M. for the "Top Dog" in the Men's Category for time and w/kg. Ray T. is leading the Master Men's Category. Michele T. has a strong hold on in the Women's Category with Dona H. at the top in the Master Women's Category. Think you can best their times? Come on out.

VO2 Max testing through HPC on 1/15 and 1/16. Call for details or to make a reservation.

Congrats to HPC on the opening of their new training center at 783 Station Street in Herndon, VA. If your in the area check it out. Take a class. The Speed Shop attendees are challenging HPC to a TT!

Speed Shop Socks are here! $6/ea or 3 for $15

We filled the shop with a last minute 8a.m. snow day class this Saturday that
drew some new and familiar faces. Look for more of these in the future.
New to the Speed Shop - Bryan and Mike with former "Gun Show" vid star Anna

Mounatin biker Dona H. still feeling the pain from Thursday's class.

One of the shop favorites RB (center) started his comeback this weekend. Getting the "who came the farthest" award goes to Mr. Lance Lacey (on the left) sporting his new team kit from Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit Cycling Team
On the right is Shop regular Steve Wahl of Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team (ABRT), looking pretty fresh before he almost tossed his cookies doing the TT.

Other Speed Shop news:
In early October Lucas McCullom successfully completed his second Ford Ironman Championships in Hawaii. He finished in a time most people dream of despite a mix up with his special needs bag heading into the run segment. Lucas will be representing powerhouse Team Snapple next season. Lucas will be a guest speaker at the Frederick Triathlon Club meeting this week. For details check their website here.

Kevin Kendro had a stellar performance in Ironman 70.3 Florida. Kevin did a lot of solo rides at the Speed Shop prepping for the event.

Mike Orsini also had some saddle time at the Speed Shop prepping for his successful completion of Ironman Arizona.

Vicki Bate participated in the inaugural Ironman Cozumel. Her dedicated training and determination pushed her into 5th place in her division heading into the run. Unfortunately, lack of support (nutrition) at the aid stations became a factor and Vicki, who admirably manages Crohns and Celiac Disease had to make a difficult but necessary decision to call it a day.

Kevin Green recently completed the Philadelphia Marathon and is looking forward to getting back on the bike real soon.

Congratulations to all these great athletes!
And a huge THANKS for your support of "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Week in the Books/KA Speed Shop TT

This week marked the beginning of the 2009-2010 "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop fall season.
It started out HOT!
The guys showed up for the Indoor Tuesday Night Worlds.
Along with the regulars, a few new faces signed on for this season
There was smack talk by local rider "P90X" Lumpy who publicly declares on the Frederick Velo List: "There will be an us vs Kelley Acres competition at the end of the trainer season Feb 28.> > Catagories> > Highest watt one leg output> > Best before and after trainer tire pix> > Largest recorded puddle measured in sq inches> > Skankiest towel"
Ray has his eye on the towel competition!

This is Matt's reaction to Lumpy! Look out for this guy in the spring. Yes, Matt is getting faster every ride. Is it his footwear doing the trick?

Blanca, Tanya, Rachel, Carol, Anne, Leslie, Paula and Martha warming up

The room had just enough time to air out for the Wednesday morning ladies group. This newly formed group of local athletes signed on for the season. Look for these motivated ladies to hit the roads fast and furious next spring.


"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop Fall TT Competition

Nov. 1 2009 - Dec. 31 2009

Who's Top Dog for the Fall?

Come on out and give it your best effort!

Bring It!!


Standard CompuTrainer Time Trail Course (6.2mi. /max grade 3%)


Men - 1)fastest time competition 2)watts per kilogram (w/kg) competition

Women - 1)fastest time competetion 2)watts per kilogram (w/kg) competition


$10 per attempt (1hr to include warm/cool down) by appointment

Season riders may include this competition during their season time at no charge.

Results will be updated online and at the shop.


ATTENTION: Triathletes/Duathletes

New to the area? Need some training partners? New to the sport?

It's time to sign up to be a member of the Frederick Triathlon Club (click the link)

Go to the Membership form section. Sign up.

It's a great way to find out what is going on in the area with the local scene.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Intro Week Update

Last week we offered free classes at the Speed Shop to allow riders to experience a MultiRider CompuTrainer workout. It was a great week with many new enthusiastic faces coming out for a visit. Here's one of my favorite newbies...
Judy and Ray
Strongman Ray, a shop regular convinced his wife Judy to come over to try a CT class. Judy is fairly new to triathlon and become quite fit this year. Judy showed up to a full class including a few hard core triathletes (Kevin K., Joe L., Mike O. Tamara and Vicki). Showing up with this crowd could be quite intimidating. The beauty of the MultiRider CT is being able to share your training (pain:)on your own bike. No one got dropped. No one got lost. Everyone had fun!
Look at that smile!
Judy had so much fun she showed up for another class on Tuesday.
I can't wait to see what she's going to wear next time!

Monday, October 19, 2009

KA Speed Shop Adventures

Vicki Bate of Team Aquafor does a media event with Chris Carmichael at the Reebok Sports Club in New York City
Vicki has been a member of Team Aquaphor since 2008, competing in over a dozen events as a member of the Team, ranging from half marathons to century rides and Ironman competitions.

Another Team Aquafor athlete Lucas McCullom recently completed the Ford Ironman World Championships in Kona for the 2nd year in a row. Lucas missed his special needs bag near the end of the 112mi. bike segment. This caught up with him at mile 9 into the marathon and he still managed a very strong finish. Very impressive!

On the home front Kevin Kendro made it to the top of the podium at the Brierman Triathlon competing the Half Iron division. Next up for Kevin is Ironman 70.3 Florida in just a few weeks.

Michele Trdina steam rolled her competition AGAIN to win at the Brierman Triathlon in the Sprint competition. Congrats on a very impressive season!

In the Cyclocross scene, Jim Johnson hits the podium for the 2nd year in a row at "Kelley Acres" Cross. Here is he getting a peck on the cheek from GamJams Podium Candy winner Lance Lacy.


This week at the Speed Shop we are having some free introductory classes for anyone that would like to try out the MultiRider CompuTrainer. Our schedule is available at The fall schedule will be finalized and on the web this weekend.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Coast Guard Jim and Update

Coast Guard Jim on his way to victory at 2008 "Kelley Acres" Cross last year

CG was one of the dedicated regulars at the Speed Shop on Tuesday nights this winter. With an A+ for attendance and effort, CG came off the line on fire this year winning his category in the hometown race Tour of Walkersville then backed it up with a very respectable showing in a race later that day. Check out how many top 10's and podiums CG has accomplished this season HERE ! And it's not even Cyclocross Season yet! Keep it rollin' CG!


Wednesday 9/9 at 7p.m.: The Frederick Triathlon Club will be having their monthly meeting at the Speed Shop. HPC Coaching will be giving a talk on pedal stroke, bike positioning and a demonstration on the SpinScan feature of the MultiRider CompuTrainer. This meeting is open to all so if you are a triathlete curious about the club or road cyclist want to learn more about aerodynamics and time trialing feel free to stop by. Bring a chair!

Coming soon: Oct. 4th "Kelley Acres" Cross - Spectator friendly off road racing. If you have any little ones 9 & under there is a Fun, Free, Lil' Belgians Kids Race held on part of the course. Medals and Pumpkins for all. More details at !

*photo courtesy of Kevin Dillard

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crushin' and Climbin'

Time for mid summer shout outs to some "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop attendees.

Michele Trdina crushed all of the women and most of the men at the Pittsburgh Triathlon...Nice!!

One of Steve Wahl's many podium appearances this season. Steve recently upgraded to a Category 2 Road Racer. Word is he is gearing up for the Cross season now.

We have an Ironman!! Kevin Green recently finished the brutal Ironman Lake Placid. Huge congrats! *waiting on pictures

Dave Miller, president of the Frederick Tri Club recently placed 2nd at the Hagerstown Sprint Tri in his new and very competitive 50-54 age group and set a PR . Way to go Dave!!

This weekend was the "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop Ladies Climbing ClinicGetting ready for the roll out

Tish, Donna, Vicki, Rachael, me and Lisa (with the invaluable help of Ray Train) did hill repeats on Gambrill Park Road. The focus was on learning how to recover while climbing using heart rate and perceived effort, shifting, cadence, and tips on decending. We ended the day with a staggered start race. Lots of fun. Great work ladies!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Aquaphor Sponsors Local Triathletes

Out of thousands of applicants, Lucas McCullom and Vicki Bate were among the 200 athletes selected to the 2009 Team Aquaphor Sponsored Athlete Team.

Lucas and Vicki, "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop regulars, will train and compete across the US representing Team Aquaphor. Aquafor is a Healing Ointment that protects dry, cracked or irritated skin enhances the natural healing process and helps to restore smooth, healthy skin. A quality product that should be in every athlete's race bag.
Lucas riding to the top of the podium in his age group at Eagleman 70.3

With strong performances in the early season, Lucas has already secured a spot in the prestigious Ford Ironman World Championshiops in Kona on October 10. Building on his first year knowledge of the race, Lucas is already planning his "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop training program.
Vicki hammering at Eagleman 70.3

Vicki is targeting her season towards Nationals in her hometown of Oklahoma City in September. Already competing in the Duathlon National Championships, Columbia Triathlon, and Eagleman 70.3, Vicki is combining her winter training at the Speed Shop and her previous Ironman experiences to build towards a sucessful race in September.
Team Aquafor has two dedicated ambassadors representing their product.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Athens Twilight Criterium

The Athens Twilight Criterium, features cyclists representing teams from all over the nation and the world. The men's criterium is a 80-km race around historic downtown Athens. The course start-finish is on Clayton Street at College Avenue. The 1 kilometer course runs clockwise on Clayton, Lumpkin, Washington and Thomas. The 30th Annual event will be have the best criterium riders ever with the high speed action of night time criterium racing, this year promises to be the best yet.
The best women in the country look to kick off the USA CRITS Speed Week and National Series at the Athens Twilight.
With $120,000 in prize money on the line for the USA Crits Series, the Athens Twilight Criterium is dubbed the most insane criterium in the world. Don't miss a minute of the evenings events.


Grid Qualifiers
What: Eight up Computrainer racing to create start positions for Saturday night's Twilight Criterium. Racing starts at 10:15AM on Friday, and the last heat goes off 6:45 PM (10 total heats). The finals heat begins at 9:00PM and features the top 8 times from the entire grid participations. There could be more than one rider from a single grid continue on to the finals. The finishing order of the 3K Time Trial on Computrainers will create the start positions for the Pro race Saturday night. Winners of each heat will earn front row starting positions for Saturday night's main event. Each Pro team will get one introduction, and these riders are ineligible for the Computrainer Race. All others must qualify through the TT. Participation is not mandatory but riders not participating will be issued the highest (or worst) start order positions (at the back).
Cat 2 racers must compete in a 3K heat to earn a spot in Saturday night's race. In order to be accepted into the Computrainer qualifier Cat 2 riders must enter Saturday night's races (online or mail in) and submit a resume. Riders not accepted will be automatically entered into the Cat 2 race Saturday afternoon at the Greenway. Riders who enter the Computrainer race and do not qualify for Saturday night are also automatically entered into the Cat 2 race. The top 10 (minimum) Cat 2 riders qualify for entry to the Pro 1 race. Additional cat 2 riders will be added to the Pro 1 event as space allows.
Racing starts every 45 minutes until the 3:45 heat, and then will switch to every hour, with sign-in 30 minutes prior to each race heat. Check-in at the stage at the intersection of College and Washington Street (the backstretch). Numbers will be issued and ready for pick-up on Saturday for the Big Show Saturday Night, based on the finishing order of the Grid Qualifiers.
When: Friday, April 26, 2008, 10:00AM - 6:00 PM
Finals heat: 9:00 PM
Where: 200 Block of College Avenue, Downtown Athens
Entry: Riders must be registered in the PRO 1 event to participate and pre-register in the appropriate class by mail or online. Start times will be available online. E-mail with your resume (if Cat 2). Sign up online or download the registration form.
Who: All registered Pro 1 riders participating in the Saturday night PRO/1 race can participate. The TT is not required but recommended for Cat 1 riders to create start positions. A limited number of qualifying positions for Cat 2 riders will be available for Friday's heats.
Time Assignments: Heats will be assigned by the Athens Twilight, first to the Pro 1 riders, then the remaining slots will be available to the Cat 2 riders.
Start Positions: Riders will be issued a qualifying order number (not your race number) based on qualifying times starting at 1 PM on Saturday. Entry into the start grid will be from this number in order. You must pick up your grid number by 3 PM Saturday from the Computrainer booth. During the PRO introductions, riders will be admitted to the start grid area. The top 8 riders' times will be called to the line with the Pro team introductions. Grid positions will be based on time from the 3 K TT.
Heat Winners: Each heat winner on Friday qualifies for the Computrainer finals for a prize purse worth ($2000)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tri-Training Together!

At the Speed Shop we've brought the road cyclists and triathletes together to train. And with some impressive results!
Steve Wahl (left) of ABRT/Latitude racing Cat. 3 on the road landed an impressive result in his first Pro 1,2,3 race of the season after claiming his first mountain bike race win the week before. Triathlete Lucas McCullom took on his first ever road race at the Tour of Walkersville Road Race. And WON!
Road racer Jim Johnson (left)of Battlefield Velo won his race on Saturday as well. And doubled up for a top 20 placing in his second race of the day and a total of 96miles of racing. Triathlete Kevin Kendro (center)will be taking to the road for his first race this weekend. Randall Bauxbaum (right) of Antietam Velo Club prepares for his upcoming road season. Master's road racer Ray Trentini (left) of NCVC a regular at the Speed Shop was well on his way to a fine finish at Tour of Walkersville before the gale force winds caused a big crash in front of him. Ultra Endurance rider Henrik Olsen (right)joined in the fun on a blustery day.
The group got a great anaerobic workout on the "Escape from Kelley Acres" course. A special ending to the session was a full on race on a three mile course. Lucas won this one but it left the rest of the group hungry. So watch out!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Steve Wahl Riding Large!

Great display of team work with Steve rolling across for the
win and his teammate celebrating!

Steve has trained every week at the Tuesday Night Indoor Worlds since early November. Today he stretched his legs in a training race at the Trade Zone. With the support of his new team ABRT/Latitude, Steve and his teammate almost lapped the field and went 1-2. This is HUGE!

Steve commented "Mike and I had a huge gap on the field. The finish was funny because I started to sprint and looked back to see Mike with his arms already up in the air, so I just sat up. It was so cold and was even sleeting."

Way to go Steve!
Check out his blog here

*photo courtesy of Amy Jones

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day CT Class

The day heated up fast at "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop this Valentine's Day morning.
Visiting from Colorado, Jay and Ironman Vicki warming up

Vicki is ready to rumble

Ironman Lindsay learning how to calibrate and class regular Donna PT looks on

The after party

Monday, February 2, 2009

Junior Fun!

We had a special guest this weekend at our Saturday session. Nathan T. decided to give the CT class a try with his dad.

This is during the warm up
And this is after he toasted us in the one mile race at the end!
Way to go Nathan!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

VO2 Testing Weekend

A few local athletes came to "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop to have a VO2 Max Test this weekend with Susan Hefler of HPC. VO2 Max testing defines an endurance athlete's performance ceiling. The information allows the athlete to train more efficiently.
Vicki getting ready for the test

Ray Train concentrating
Local Category 4 Road Racer Corey during warm up
Steve is all smiles after getting his results. He went on to win his cyclocross race the next day!
Lucas getting fitted with the "mask"

Triathlete Kevin K finishing the testing

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Seriously Training!

A group of local triathletes have been making the Speed Shop their training grounds on Sunday mornings. They keep the room quite warm on these brutal winter days! Kevin K. and Bernie warming up

Lucas and Kevin C. with their superhero look

Vicki warming up with Lucas getting ready to roll
And here is the third Kevin....Kevin G.
Kevin C's jacket is shooting an impressive glow
Tamara flashing her sweet smile!

Heating Up!

Master's Racer Terry Harrigan of Cheasapeake Wheelman made the trek to The Speed Shop this weekend to give it a go. He threw down some impressive numbers.
Watch for him this spring!