Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Update

Hello from "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop!  It's time for a summer update because the Fall is closing is fast.  It has been another amazing outdoor season with so many accomplishments and success stories on the road.  It appears those long, hard, winter indoor sessions paid off big this year.   This has kept the motivation at all time high to keep the quality workouts coming  for Season 7 at the Shop!   There is a lot of good stuff in the pipeline so enjoy the rest of the summer and outdoor season and stay tuned for an exciting Fall update.  

Near and Dear 

Just one of many interesting classes with Jim

The Speed Shop will have a different vibe this fall with the absence of Jim Weinstein.  Jim and his family moved to Dayton, Ohio this summer.  Jim came to Frederick in 2010 and added a new layer of depth not only to the Speed Shop but to the entire cycling community.  A huge thank you to Jim for sharing his knowledge and experience with everyone in the Speed Shop and on the road.  We are hoping you will end up back in Frederick with even more exciting and new stories to share.  In the meantime we need to make a Tuesday Night Indoor Worlds Skype date this fall!  Best of luck on your new adventure.  

Travel Section

One of my favorite success stories this summer is from Kim Chaney and Ron McCurdy.   After committing to a cycling trip to Tuscany this Spring, Kim and Ron decided they needed to hone some bike skills and gain some fitness to get the most enjoyment out of the trip.  They came to the Shop to "observe" a session to see what they might be getting into. After a warm welcome from the regulars they decided to pull the trigger and sign up for the full 10 weeks of torture on Monday Nights. The most impressive part is they actually managed to secure 2 spots on one of the more sought after evening sessions. The team even sent me the pre-registered riders time of entry to show how fast that class filled (less than a minute).  I knew that their commitment to the program would make their vacation even more enjoyable.  They sent me this picture of proof that they had a successful trip and had a great time.  Way to go Kim and Ron!

"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop socks in Tuscany


Congratulations to Coach Vicki on completing her USA Cycling license certification.  Now she is even more qualified to inflict torture.  We would also like to wish Vicki good luck as she takes on her 8th Ironman next month at Ironman Chattanooga.  

Stay tuned for the Fall 2014 Season 7 Update