Saturday, December 10, 2011

Speed Shop Updates

The Fall Session is coming to a close this week. It has been amazing!  We had so many hard working athletes honing their riding skills and techniques in addition to increasing fitness during this 6 week session.  It's time to take a short recovery break before the winter work begins.

The 10 week Winter Session begins on January 9, 2012.  This Session is a progressive program based on periodization training with each week building on the next.  It's a great way to get ready for the outdoor season. Registration for the Winter Session is open and going strong.  There are still spots left so scoot over to  BikeReg all the scoop.  You can even check the confirmed rider list to see what your friends are up to.

The Functional Threshold Power (FTP) classes will be offered the first week in January to get you ready for the Winter Session.  If you have been coming to the Fall Session it is important to get your information updated so you are current for the work ahead this winter.  If you do not own a power meter and are starting classes in the Winter Session the FTP Class is highly recommended.   Obtaining your current FTP will allow you to train most efficiently during the CT classes.  In addition to Power Zones, the classes will be providing percentages of FTP for maximum performance.   The class is 1hr and includes a good warm up, a 20 minute Time Trial effort to obtain an average power output and a cool down.  Each rider will receive a report explaining how to use the data. 
The new ErgVideos are all based on percentages of your FTP.  Please consider this class for optimal results for the 10 week Winter Session. 

Rachel and Tanya enjoying the ErgVideo workout

"Top Dog" Time Trial Report

Two Rounds of the "Top Dog" Time Trial are behind us and it is heating up fast!  The first round was held on November 26.  Lucas M. of the Snapple Tri Team was back to defend his record setting performance from last year.  He did not disappoint. He crushed his last ride and set another PR and Shop Record!

Lucas sets a new PR and Shop Record for the Men's Overall

Current Junior Top Dog Nathan T

Donna PT proudly showing her Top Dog Women's 50+ Time

CatBad holds on to the  top spot in the Women's 40+ Top Dog

Monika of  XO Communications/Battley Harley Davidson Cycling Team is the current  Overall Women's Top Dog  leader while  RB  of  AVC Racing Team is holding the top spot in both the Men's 40+ and 50+ categories
  For the current standings and information on the next round check out the Speed Shop website under special announcements. 

During the holiday break random classes will be added to the schedule.  These classes will be announced on the website,  the Speed Shop Google Group and our Facebook Page.

A special shout out to Coach Ray and Coach Vicki for all their help in keeping the Speed Shop running smoothly.  

Thank you for all your support in making this the best season ever at
"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop! 
Happy Holidays,
Chris and Fred