Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter Is On The Way!


Hello! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the start of the Holiday Season.  The first 5 weeks of the Fall Session have been great! The transition into the Winter Session will go from skills and drills into speed and strength.  The Fall Session has been structured to lay the foundation to be fully prepared for the building block in the 10 week Winter Session.  The goal will be to have optimal performance on the road when the time and weather change in the spring.  Do not worry if you did not attend the Fall Session.  We will be doing another performance evaluation at the beginning of the Winter Session so you will be able to work at your current fitness level and build from there. We still have 3 weeks left and a few drop in spots available in Monday and Thursday classes of the Fall Session if you want to get a jump on the next session.


The 10 week 2016 Winter Session will begin on January 4th and go through March 12.  We are all set up with the details for registration at  A few things worth mentioning.  There is a 6 rider minimum for the 7:00 am Saturday class. More is better right?  Coach Ray and Coach Lucas will be sharing the duties.  If for some reason we cannot reach the minimum and you are registered you will have the option of either receiving a full refund or switch to another time slot that has an opening. 

Registration will open next Sunday, December 6th at 7pm.  


We have teamed up with Velocity Sportwear (give them a "like" on facebook because they are great!) to bring to you  "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop Hoodies!  Just in time for the Holidays!  You have the choice of a regular hoodie with standard unisex sizing, a full zip with unisex sizing, or a full zip ladies lightweight jacket. The link to order and pricing is 
Hoodie Order Link
The really cool part is you can shop on their website for other product offered and put it in the same cart as your KASS Holiday Hoodie! 

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFO - Velocity Sportwear has been amazing to work with.  They are linking the order directly to their website so the hoodies can be direct shipped. Once we reach the order deadline which is December 7 it takes about two weeks to arrive.   The goal is for you to have your hoodie in time for the holiday season!  
Sneak Peek

Happy Holidays!