Sunday, November 8, 2009

First Week in the Books/KA Speed Shop TT

This week marked the beginning of the 2009-2010 "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop fall season.
It started out HOT!
The guys showed up for the Indoor Tuesday Night Worlds.
Along with the regulars, a few new faces signed on for this season
There was smack talk by local rider "P90X" Lumpy who publicly declares on the Frederick Velo List: "There will be an us vs Kelley Acres competition at the end of the trainer season Feb 28.> > Catagories> > Highest watt one leg output> > Best before and after trainer tire pix> > Largest recorded puddle measured in sq inches> > Skankiest towel"
Ray has his eye on the towel competition!

This is Matt's reaction to Lumpy! Look out for this guy in the spring. Yes, Matt is getting faster every ride. Is it his footwear doing the trick?

Blanca, Tanya, Rachel, Carol, Anne, Leslie, Paula and Martha warming up

The room had just enough time to air out for the Wednesday morning ladies group. This newly formed group of local athletes signed on for the season. Look for these motivated ladies to hit the roads fast and furious next spring.


"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop Fall TT Competition

Nov. 1 2009 - Dec. 31 2009

Who's Top Dog for the Fall?

Come on out and give it your best effort!

Bring It!!


Standard CompuTrainer Time Trail Course (6.2mi. /max grade 3%)


Men - 1)fastest time competition 2)watts per kilogram (w/kg) competition

Women - 1)fastest time competetion 2)watts per kilogram (w/kg) competition


$10 per attempt (1hr to include warm/cool down) by appointment

Season riders may include this competition during their season time at no charge.

Results will be updated online and at the shop.


ATTENTION: Triathletes/Duathletes

New to the area? Need some training partners? New to the sport?

It's time to sign up to be a member of the Frederick Triathlon Club (click the link)

Go to the Membership form section. Sign up.

It's a great way to find out what is going on in the area with the local scene.