Saturday, December 10, 2011

Speed Shop Updates

The Fall Session is coming to a close this week. It has been amazing!  We had so many hard working athletes honing their riding skills and techniques in addition to increasing fitness during this 6 week session.  It's time to take a short recovery break before the winter work begins.

The 10 week Winter Session begins on January 9, 2012.  This Session is a progressive program based on periodization training with each week building on the next.  It's a great way to get ready for the outdoor season. Registration for the Winter Session is open and going strong.  There are still spots left so scoot over to  BikeReg all the scoop.  You can even check the confirmed rider list to see what your friends are up to.

The Functional Threshold Power (FTP) classes will be offered the first week in January to get you ready for the Winter Session.  If you have been coming to the Fall Session it is important to get your information updated so you are current for the work ahead this winter.  If you do not own a power meter and are starting classes in the Winter Session the FTP Class is highly recommended.   Obtaining your current FTP will allow you to train most efficiently during the CT classes.  In addition to Power Zones, the classes will be providing percentages of FTP for maximum performance.   The class is 1hr and includes a good warm up, a 20 minute Time Trial effort to obtain an average power output and a cool down.  Each rider will receive a report explaining how to use the data. 
The new ErgVideos are all based on percentages of your FTP.  Please consider this class for optimal results for the 10 week Winter Session. 

Rachel and Tanya enjoying the ErgVideo workout

"Top Dog" Time Trial Report

Two Rounds of the "Top Dog" Time Trial are behind us and it is heating up fast!  The first round was held on November 26.  Lucas M. of the Snapple Tri Team was back to defend his record setting performance from last year.  He did not disappoint. He crushed his last ride and set another PR and Shop Record!

Lucas sets a new PR and Shop Record for the Men's Overall

Current Junior Top Dog Nathan T

Donna PT proudly showing her Top Dog Women's 50+ Time

CatBad holds on to the  top spot in the Women's 40+ Top Dog

Monika of  XO Communications/Battley Harley Davidson Cycling Team is the current  Overall Women's Top Dog  leader while  RB  of  AVC Racing Team is holding the top spot in both the Men's 40+ and 50+ categories
  For the current standings and information on the next round check out the Speed Shop website under special announcements. 

During the holiday break random classes will be added to the schedule.  These classes will be announced on the website,  the Speed Shop Google Group and our Facebook Page.

A special shout out to Coach Ray and Coach Vicki for all their help in keeping the Speed Shop running smoothly.  

Thank you for all your support in making this the best season ever at
"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop! 
Happy Holidays,
Chris and Fred

Monday, October 10, 2011

Season 4 "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop

"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop is back for Season 4. Registration opened last Monday and is better than ever! There are some exciting new changes starting this Fall.  

We are offering the opportunity to attend a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) testing class the week before the Fall Season begins.  The FTP class was offered last winter and was a successful way to help individualize training in a group setting.   The purpose of the class is to evaluate your current fitness in order to provide a baseline to see how much you improve during the Fall and Winter Sessions. There is no pass or fail of this test. It is simply a gauge.  If you can pedal your bike for 20 minutes and you are signed up for a fall class this is highly recommended to get the most out of your Speed Shop experience.  Sign up for the class on the registration page at BikeReg.

Also new this fall are Erg Videos.   These are recordings of real races and training rides including many exciting and historic places like Mont Ventoux, Col de Tourmalet, and Mallorca.  These are timed workouts done specific to your Functional Threshold Power information. A new and exciting compliment to the MultiRider workouts. 

On the motivational end, Coach Ray is back again this season offering up his expertise on and off the bike!   Coach Ray provides a top notch workout using his knowledge and experience as a rider and racer.  He understands the concept of training with power and how to help each rider get the most out of their Speed Shop workout regardless of experience level.  In addition to his skill on the bike, Coach Ray's software engineer prowess off the bike helps keep everyone on their bike!

Welcome Back Coach Ray!

The Speed Shop is excited to welcome Vicki Bate to the coaching team!  Coach Vicki has been training at the Speed Shop from the first season where she helped lead a group of local triathletes in a rather intense three hour Sunday morning class. Coach Vicki knows first hand the benefits of Speed Shop training.  She is a four time Ironman and has participated internationally for Team USA in the Long Course. In addition to participating in 6 - 8 triathlons a year Coach Vicki is a certified trainer and currently the race director for the very successful  Turkey Trot. She will be leading the Early Bird Tuesday Class this Fall.


Welcome Aboard Coach Vicki!
 Based on your feedback we are beefing up the fall schedule. We are adding a Monday at 6:30pm and  Thursday at 11:00am ladies class.

If you haven't signed up go to the Speed Shop Website   and check out the schedule.  From there go to BikeReg   to see what is available. Some of the classes are full however there are still openings on Monday evening, Wednesday morning and evening as well as the ladies class on Thursday at 11:00am.

We are looking forward to the best season ever!  Thanks for all your support! 

Look for more exciting news in the next few weeks.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's a Wrap!

The "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop winter season and the final rounds of the "Top Dog" Time Trial Competition came to a close today. It was an amazing season of indoor training.  It truly felt like each class was a little family gathering.  This week confirmed it with all the celebrating. 

The "Top Dog" Time Trial sponsored by Wheel Base Bikes, Raw Revolution, Justin's Nut Butter and of course "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop had close to 70 riders participating this Winter Session.  
In the Men's Overall Category Lucas M. of Team Snapple, held his 1 sec.lead over Nate W, member of the US National U23 team and California Giant Cycling Team. This is his 4th consecutive time being "Top Dog".  In the Women's Overall it was a true battle of some fast ladies. First Michele T. of the Frederick Tri Club comes out of the blocks early and cracks the 17min. mark to set the standard for the ladies. It was a shop record.  Fast Hannah H. runner extraordinare sponsored by Brooks ,was quite motivated at this point and blows out a 16:47. A new shop record. Then there is Princess Cheryl of Team CF. Training for the early season,  Absa Cape Epic, Cheryl has been dialing in her form each week and blistered out yet another shop record and became the Overall Women's Champ AND the Women's 40+ Category winner with a time of 16:38.  Phew!!...the ladies are really fast this year.
In the Men's 40+ Category, Ray T. of NCVC, saved his best run for last and held on for the win. The Men's 50+ Category was hotly contested this season.  Greg L., winner of the last fall's competition was in island mode for the first half of the winter session. Who can blame him, it was dark and cold.  Then he decided it was time to get to work and rode a personal best 16:32 and got the heads turning.  Curt S. of NCVC decided to pay a visit to the Shop for a go and bested Greg's time by 7 sec.  Then along comes Lumpy of AVC. He rides over to the Speed Shop for the last class of the season and conquers the TT to defend his ride from last winter in 16:13.  Impressive.

On to the fun Combined 80+ Categories.  Riders combined ages must equal 80 or more.  Steve W. of ABRT and Ray T. of NCVC took the top spot in the Men's Category in fine fashion over Lucas M. and Curt S.   Patty C. and Michele T. of the Frederick Tri Club edged out Vicki B. and Cheryl S. for the Women's Category. Cheryl S. and Ray T. hammered the Mixed Category winning by almost 1 min. My favorite category of all was the Parent/Junior's.  New to the TT categories we had a little family feud in play. Mike S. and Nathan C. came out on top over Patty C. and brother Matt C.  Great riding by all!!

Full Results are at
Here are a few pictures from the past week

The Thursday Night Family with a few house guests missing Tsahai, Catie, and Jim

Fast Hannah getting ready to take a run at defending her TT championship
Combined Age TT Partners Bob and Hannah! Bob just finished a personal best TT!!
This is Lumpy doing the I beat Curt in the TT chair dance.  He's all smiles now but he will be paying dearly soon on the road.  Great ride Lumpy!
Princess Cheryl S. of the Wednesday Night Family and "Top Dog" Winter Session Women's Overall TT Champ and holds the course record
Matt C. with his Championship of the World Belt.  16yrs. old and finishes 8th in the Men's Overall TT
Lucas M of Team Snapple. Overal "Top Dog" Men's TT Champ
Thanks to everyone for such a fantastic indoor season. See you on the road. It's a wrap!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

The times are going down and the watts are going up in the last couple weeks of CompuTrainer classes.  We just ended a few more runs of the "Top Dog" Time Trial this week.
I'm going to give the "Holy Smokes" Award to Cheryl S. this week.  She left the building a few hours ago and it's still steaming!  Cheryl is on top in the Women's Overall AND the 40+ category.  In the process she set a new Shop record going 16:38!  Well done!  In the Women's 50+ category Vicki B. has a firm hold on the top spot with her personal best from last week. 

Cheryl happy to have her breath back
Lucas M. remains "Top Dog" by :01 over Nate W. in the Men's Overall Category.  Ray T. fought hard to get back on top of the Men's 40+ and is now in the lead by just 4 seconds over Jim J.  Curt S. made a rare appearance and laid down the best Men's 50+ run so far this season.  Judging from his reaction I suspect he may come back again before the winter session ends.

In the Combined Age 80+ categories, Patty C. and Michele T. are leading the the ladies.  Steve W. and Ray T. are holding steay on top in the Men's.  And Cheryl S. and Ray T. have a solid lead in the Mixed.  In the Parent/Junior (Family Feud) category on 11 seconds separate Patty C. and Matt C. from Mike S. and Nathan C. 

A shout out to 16yr old Matt C. who got his hair cut and knocked another 30 seconds off his TT to be 8th in the Men's Overall.  His younger brother Nathan is on his heels. After only about 5 classes he almost cracked 17 minutes.
Full results at

What's next?
It has been asked many times the last few weeks about what to do when classes end.  The answer:  Ride Your Bike!  Get an event on the calendar.  Find a regular group ride with friends, head out on the C & O Canal, do a triathlon, road or mountain bike race, go ride your bike.  We live in one of the most beautiful areas to ride.  After all the hard work this winter you will be able to reap the benefits of better fitness. Ride! Ride! Ride!

The Speed Shop will still be here for you.  Random inclement weather classes will be held through the spring. Make sure you join the google group for upcoming events. Send an email to  to be in the loop.

Here are a few resources to help out:
USA Triathlon
Frederick Triathlon Club  is a support and social group for triathletes and multisport athletes of various abilities and ages in and around the Frederick area
Racine MultiSports Many of the local multi-sport athletes participate in Racine Multisport events. These well organized, quality events are family focused offering youth and adult categories while committed to supporting local non-profit organizations and local charities.
Frederick Pedalers  a non-profit organization run by volunteers. We offer rides of all classes in and around the area. The Pedalers are primarily a road cycling club, but we occasionally have rides on the C&O towpath or other trails around the area.
Wheel Base Bikes offering a variety of rides from the shop in Downtown Frederick
Potomac Pedalers
Frederick Bike Rats - a friendly group of people that can ride together in a challenging group send an email to to get on their ride list~but ya gotta be friendly.
On the road, mt. bike and cyclocross racing scene check out:
Mid Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association (MABRA) for regional racing information
USA Cycling   

Get Involved:
Frederick Bicycle Coalition  a member driven non-profit organization devoted to making Frederick City and County a better place to bicycle.

A special thanks to Coach Ray for inflicting pain AND all the behind the scenes help in keeping the Speed Shop running smooth. 

Monday, February 28, 2011


Going into the last couple weeks of the winter session, there are still some indoor workouts to focus on but the spring temperatures are a welcome addition to training. 

Last week we had several "Top Dog" Time Trial Classes.  And it was Hot!Hot!Hot! at the Speed Shop. Thanks to our sponsors Wheel Base Bikes, Raw Revolution, Justin's Nut Butter for their support.  Lucas M. rolled it back to the top in the Men's Overall Category cracking 15' and edging out Nate W. by 1"!   Defending Women's Overall Champ from the fall, Hannah H., was in the house this weekend and laid down a new shop record for the ladies 16:47. Jim J. is the new leader in the Men's 40+ Category by 12" over Ray T. Only 2" separate leader Michele T. and Cheryl S. in the Women's 40+.  RB took over the reigns in the Men's 50+ Category and holds a 1" lead over reigning champ Greg L. Vicki B. knocked almost a minute off of her last go and did a PB to take over the Women's 50+ Category.
On to the team competition where Steve W. and Ray T. have a solid lead in the Men's 80+ Team and Patty C. and Michele T. are comfortably on top in the Women's 80+ Team.  The Mixed 80+ Team  has Cheryl S. and Ray T. with a 30" lead over Michele T. and George C.  The new Parent/Junior Category has speedsters Matt C. and Patty C. in the top spot over Nathan T. and Ray T.
Full results are at
The TT will be going in some random winter session classes over the next two weeks and on the weekends. If you are not in a regularly scheduled class, look for openings and added classes on the weekend. If you have a group (5 rider min.) that would like to do a class together we will be happy to set something up.

In other news....
The Frederick Triathlon Club has organized a Retul bike fit presentation in Frederick by Steve Ruck of Bike Doctor on March 15 at 7pm.  Check the website for details HERE!

Make up and Punch card classes will expire on the last day of the Winter Session on March 13. 

Look for more updates and info on "What am I going to now that CT Classes are over?

Monday, February 7, 2011


This time every year it seems like everyone starts looking for a little bump in motivation.  Cold temperatures, bad weather and lack of daylight for several months takes its toll.  While many were excited to get outside and take advantage of one of the mildest winter days in a few months, I managed to not only find motivation but also inspiration inside this weekend.

The Speed Shop is halfway through the winter session and also in the midst of the 2011 Winter "Top Dog" Time Trial Competition.  When I contacted Nate Wilson about stopping by this weekend to give the TT a go I had no idea I was about to get the biggest dose of motivation along with inspiration I've had in a long time.  In my opinion, Nate, along with his parents Jim and Carolyn, and brother, Avery, are some of the biggest supporters of all things cycling in our area.  At 20yrs old, Nate will be representing the Under 23 USA National Cycling Team in Europe in about a month.  After that, he will be racing for the California Giant Cycling Team.  The bigger deal here is that Nate was hit by a truck and almost killed on a training ride mid December in Tucson.  The fact that he could answer my email was a relief but even more exciting was that he wanted to come for a visit to "Kelley Acres".  My buddy, Susan Hefler, of HPC, also Nate's coach and the inspiration for the Speed Shop mentioned Nate was able to ride but the intensity has been low due to hardware holding his jaw in place restricting airflow conducive to high intensity.  The hardware came out on Wednesday and Nate confirmed he was good to go for the TT on Sunday.  Despite the warmest day in months, we fired up the Speed Shop for a "Top Dog" TT session. 
Nate, his mom Carolyn, and a few Shop regulars, Matt from NCVC, Tsahai, and Steve from ABRT all took on the CompuTrainer Indoor Time Trial 10K course.  For his first dose of intensity in a couple months, Nate laid down the fastest time this season.  Sweet! 

 Carolyn and Nate
    Nate, Carolyn Tsahai, Steve, and Matt

After the ride, listening to Carolyn talk about Nate's attitude after his accident and then seeing it for myself,  I ended the day not only motivated and inspired but extremely thankful. 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot!

We survived another busy week at the Speed Shop. The 2011 Winter "Top Dog" Time Trial Competition is underway. 

One of the top rides this week goes to Michele T. She came back for a visit after a long break.  Sporting her Pittsburgh Steeler kit she was all smiles during the warm up before the Time Trial.

Oh Yeah! Look at that time! And if you look closer you can see her average watts!  She set a Shop record for the ladies and now leads the overall and the 40+ category. And perhaps turning a few heads in the Men's Categories. Go Michele!

Erica and Eric joined us for the maiden voyage of Eric's new Trek from Wheel Base Bikes, sponsor of the "Top Dog" Time Trial.

Leading the way in the "Top Dog" Men's Overeall category is Jim W. of Whole Wheel Velo Club.  After being edged out by 1" by Lucas M. in the Fall TT, Jim is coming into the Winter with additional motivation.
Jim J. of ABRT is back and on top of the Men's 40+ Standings with a solid 15" lead over Kevin C.  Jim took on the TT Saturday after a good warm up at the Snotcycle Race in the morning.
The Men's 50+ category has a new leader, Harry Slife.  Harry just started classes this winter at the Speed Shop and is getting stronger every ride! Way to go!
On the ladies side, Vicki B is back on top of the Women's 50+ standings. Pretty impressive after a couple months off the bike to recover from an Ironman. 
While most of the combined age categories are still getting organized, the Parent/Junior combined category gave it a go on Saturday.  Harry and Jacob Slife came out on top this week with a strong ride but only 20" separates the top 3 teams.  This could get interesting.  The juniors are training hard and growing strong fast!
There is a lot of room for more combined 80+ teams.  Remember you do not have to ride the TT at the same time. And only your best time is used. 
Look for more updates and check out the results at

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Full Tilt

The Winter Session at the Speed Shop is full tilt with packed classes.  There are lots of exciting updates coming your way so read on...

Armed with Functional Threshold Power (FTP) information, riders are training smarter!  The FTP class started out as an experimental class to find out if anyone would like to learn more about how training with power effects their workouts.  Everyone embraced the information and are now using it to train more specifically to the data obtained from the FTP Testing Class.  

Junior Riders Nathan C., Ken J., Nathan T. and Jacob S.

The Speed Shop is very excited to announce the addition of the first Junior/Parent Class. Led by Coach Ray on Saturdays these guys are getting in some great workouts but more importantly developing good riding habits.  Look for these kids on the road this spring.

Navy Collegiate Cycling Team led by Jim W.

With temperatures in the single digits the Navy Collegiate Cycling Team paid a visit to the Speed Shop this weekend. Race season is only a couple weeks away for these guys and  Coach Jim W. wanted to fine tune their fitness. 

Announcing the 2011 "Top Dog" Winter Time Trial Competition

After a very exciting "Top Dog" Fall TT Competition 0ur wonderful sponsors are once again on board again for the winter session. Wheel Base Bikes, Justin's Nut Butter, Raw Revolution and "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop have all returned with some great prizes for our "Top Dog's" in each category.   We have added a  new combined category, the Parent/ Junior (18 & under).  NOW is the time to get your team together and start planning your strategy because the Time Trial will be run randomly starting this week in the Winter Session classes. Also,  look for other added classes.   Check out the new flyer on the website.

Speed Shop Housekeeping
There has been overwhelming response to classes this winter. We have created a Google Group to help with communication.  This is a great way to find out about last minute class openings and random classes that are added. Also, if you would like to find a substitute, in lieu of a make up,  for a class post it on the Group. If you are going to get reimbursed for your spot it must be handled directly with the rider.  The Speed Shop will not handle funds between riders.  Please let Chris know of any changes.  If you are not in the group yet send an email and you will be added.  

Thanks to everyone for all your support this year.  The Shop is feeling the love and we hope you will be feeling it on the road this spring! 

Please read carefully our policy on cancellations. 
Pre-Registered and Punch Card riders must give 24 hrs. notice if unable to attend a class in order to qualify for a make up.  The rider not attending must give the notice directly to Chris.  Riders can find a substitute to pay them directly in which case the rider missing the class will not qualify for a make up.  The Speed Shop will not handle payments between riders.  Classes can be made up in any class with available space. If no notice is received, the rider does not qualify for a make up class.  In the event of holidays or inclement weather classes every effort will be made to reschedule or offer a make up. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And The Winners Are....

The 2010 Fall "Top Dog" Time Trial Competition sponsored by Wheel Base Bikes, Justin's Nut Butter, Raw Revolution, and "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop  came to a close last weekend but not without a little last minute excitement for the Men's Overall defending champ Lucas M! Triathlete Lucas of  Snapple Tri Team  had one shot to take down the strong man roadster Jim W. of Whole Wheel Velo Club.  And that he did by a mere second on the last day to defend his title. 

"Top Dog" Lucas M. takes the win!
On the women's side, relatively new to riding and new to the Speed Shop this year,  Hannah H. smoked the course like a veteran nearly breaking the 17 minute mark to come out on top of the Women's Overall. Hannah, an accomplished runner sponsored by Brooks , will hopefully be back to defend her title in the Winter TT.  Also new to riding and the Speed Shop,  Erica S., coming from a strong rowing background had a fantastic ride to hold on to second place. 

Hannah tearing up the road

In the more mature categories... Strong and steady Ray T. of NCVC managed to stay on top of the Men's 40+ Category from day one.  Edging out Frederick Tri Club's George C. by 3 just seconds and taking a significant chunk of time out of last year's performance.  Patty C. came out on top over Christine M. by only 16 seconds in the 40+ Women's category, both are from the  Frederick Tri Club

Ray T with his swag from the 40+ Win

In Ray T. style, Greg L.smacked down in the Men's 50+ from the first go and held the lead to the end! 

Vicki B. of the Frederick Tri Club came off a two month post Ironman Florida break to loosen her legs up and win the Women's 50+ .

Greg rolling in for the Early Bird Tuesday class

Vicki B's welcome back to training!
In the combined 80+ age categories  Patty C. and Vicki B. teamed up to win the combined women's category. And Hannah H. teamed up with new to the Shop this season Bob G. to win the combined mixed category by 18 seconds over Lucas M. and Vicki B.

A few shout outs to most improved go to a couple more Frederick Tri Club members Amazing Margaret N. and Fireball Karen H. who managed to knock off minutes from their first TT.  And in the spirit of starting our junior class 14yr. old  Ken J. made significant improvements to knock a couple minutes off of his TT.

We are finalizing the details of the Winter TT. We will be adding a new Junior/Parent category.  Check the web for the final standings and soon to be added details on the "Top Dog" Winter Time Trial Competition.

In other news the Speed Shop has added a new Google Group to the communications center. This is a great way for all the Speed Shop riders to stay in touch without blasting the entire email distribution list .  Many have already been added to the list. If you aren't sure you can go to the "Google Group" link above and check membership to see if you are on it. If not it is very easy to join.

The Winter Session has begun so check back for lots of news and updates