Monday, February 7, 2011


This time every year it seems like everyone starts looking for a little bump in motivation.  Cold temperatures, bad weather and lack of daylight for several months takes its toll.  While many were excited to get outside and take advantage of one of the mildest winter days in a few months, I managed to not only find motivation but also inspiration inside this weekend.

The Speed Shop is halfway through the winter session and also in the midst of the 2011 Winter "Top Dog" Time Trial Competition.  When I contacted Nate Wilson about stopping by this weekend to give the TT a go I had no idea I was about to get the biggest dose of motivation along with inspiration I've had in a long time.  In my opinion, Nate, along with his parents Jim and Carolyn, and brother, Avery, are some of the biggest supporters of all things cycling in our area.  At 20yrs old, Nate will be representing the Under 23 USA National Cycling Team in Europe in about a month.  After that, he will be racing for the California Giant Cycling Team.  The bigger deal here is that Nate was hit by a truck and almost killed on a training ride mid December in Tucson.  The fact that he could answer my email was a relief but even more exciting was that he wanted to come for a visit to "Kelley Acres".  My buddy, Susan Hefler, of HPC, also Nate's coach and the inspiration for the Speed Shop mentioned Nate was able to ride but the intensity has been low due to hardware holding his jaw in place restricting airflow conducive to high intensity.  The hardware came out on Wednesday and Nate confirmed he was good to go for the TT on Sunday.  Despite the warmest day in months, we fired up the Speed Shop for a "Top Dog" TT session. 
Nate, his mom Carolyn, and a few Shop regulars, Matt from NCVC, Tsahai, and Steve from ABRT all took on the CompuTrainer Indoor Time Trial 10K course.  For his first dose of intensity in a couple months, Nate laid down the fastest time this season.  Sweet! 

 Carolyn and Nate
    Nate, Carolyn Tsahai, Steve, and Matt

After the ride, listening to Carolyn talk about Nate's attitude after his accident and then seeing it for myself,  I ended the day not only motivated and inspired but extremely thankful. 


The KLoCycle said...

HOLY COW, he grew'd up big time too! So tall, glad he is on the mend and apparently kicking butt up your way :-)

bethbikes said...

Yup, crazy inspirational. For sure. The funny thing is, even before the accident and his come back, this young man inspired the heck out of me.

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