Monday, February 3, 2014

February Focus

Rolling into Week 5 brings us to the middle of the 2014 Winter Session. Everyone is settling in and taking advantage of the new features the Perf Pro software offers.  It is exciting to see everyone getting stronger and becoming more efficient through forced accountability with intensity and pedal stroke. Balancing the hard intervals equally with recovery will maximize your training. This software is like nothing we have experienced in the past.  Using it in the MultiRider environment has been made this season like none other.
With the polar vortex challenging not only our sanity but our ability to train on the road the Speed Shop is working hard to keep the training top notch and fun.  

While we are on the topic of sanity, February is a great month to take time to regain focus that may have started as a New Years Resolution or a simple goal that could be sliding off the radar. NOW is the time to take inventory of what you are working towards in 2014.  Is it a fitness or nutritional goal - riding, racing, losing weight, eating healthier, or getting more rest? Take a moment to see if you are on track. January is a month that so many goals have been set. February is the perfect time to take a breath and regain the motivation to execute the plan that will help you reach your goals.  
One component to achieving your goals or making long term changes is consistency.  Stay true to your plan and take one day at a time. Another important component  is to understand that life will throw curve balls along the way. Knowing this and being flexible and adjusting to challenges can help you keep focused.  Lastly, a positive and strong support system makes all the difference. Surround yourself with positive attitudes.  Move away from negative energy and embrace those who want to see you succeed. 
Let's use the next 5 weeks of the Winter Session to help each other stay focused and on track for a happy and healthy 2014 on and off the bike!

Shop Notes

Perf Pro Summary Page - after most of your workouts there will be a summary page pop up.  It has a lot of detailed information.  Feel free to take a picture of the information.  Please keep in mind if you need further explanation on the data there are a number of resources that you can refer to.  Start with your FTP report and then check out this link, Training with Power Information which can help answer additional questions. 

A special thank you to everyone for taking an extra minute to clean your rear tire before mounting your bike on the trainer. It will keep the equipment running smoothly.

Remember if you want to find a sub, switch classes or need to communicate with the group send and email to