Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Up and Running!

Week One of the "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop 2014 Winter Session is in the books.  Thank you to everyone that signed up again and to the many new riders that took that leap of faith and joined us for the first time. 

One component to the Speed Shop that stands out is how each class comes together like a family during their time slot. Sharing the pain one pedal stroke at a time while offering encouragement, helpful tips, and of course an occasional heckle.  Providing an egoless fun workout environment for everyone can be hard to do but I think we have it! 

The first week of classes determined each rider's Functional Threshold Power (FTP).  The FTP along with Heart Rate and Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) help each rider train specifically for their fitness level.  It is important to have a starting point because in the Winter Session each class builds on the last one. As riders gain fitness the FTP can be adjusted.

Saturday Morning 10:30am FTP class 

The Healing Cyclist

Dave Weiner FTP Class - before picture
This is Dave Weiner.  He joined us for a few endurance classes this fall and decided to take the leap and for twice a week training sessions this winter with some specific goals in mind.  To learn about Dave's story and follow along with his progress check out his blog The Healing Cyclist  If the first week of class is any indication of his motivation this is going to be a fun journey to watch. Keep up the good work Dave!

Shop Notes

If you are interested in picking up a drop in class or joining in one of our bad weather Sunday long endurance sessions make sure you belong to the Google Group. The classes will be posted there.  There is a subscription option setting that lets you control how you receive your communications. Send  an email to kelleyacres@gmail.com if you would like to be added. 

A special shout out to Coach Vicki Fuchs and Coach Ray Trentini for helping to keep the Speed Shop running at full tilt again this Winter!  

Onward to Week 2!