Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coming Soon...Speed Shop Season 6!

Another great outdoor riding season is winding down.  It has been great to hear so many great success stories and accomplishments from on the road.  It will be exciting to get the juicy details this Fall. 

Once again we will be back at it opening the Speed Shop for Season 6 on October 14.  The 2013 Fall Session is 8 weeks.  It's time to get back to basics.  

In addition to the current MultiRider and ErgVideo's software we are beefing things up this Fall.  We will be introducing our new performance enhancing software PerfPro . This software adds another tool to enhance your ability to work on the weaknesses as well as building that critical base needed to be prepared for the Winter Session- and you know what that means-10 weeks of pain in the cave!

Here is a description of Fall 2013:

10/14/2013 - 12/14/2013  check out the class schedule on the website 
There are a few small changes to the schedule this fall with only one weekday class on Tuesday at 6:30 am with Coach Vicki. This will be one Saturday class at 9 am. Please keep in mind the plan is to add random classes if the weather is bad. There will be more classes offered on the schedule in the 2014 Winter Session.  

The fall is the perfect time to start establishing good riding habits and to make improvements on current ones. Working on a fluid pedal stroke and proper form while getting a great workout will lay the foundation for the 2014 Winter Session 
The first week of class will be the Functional Threshold Power (FTP) class to establish power and heart rates zones in order to train specifically to your data. Establishing training parameters is important to get the most of this program. Weeks 2- 8 will build on each other in order to prepare for the  Winter Session in 2014. 

Cost: 1 class per week $175 or 2 classes per week for $300

Registration: Opens 9/22 at 6pm on

*5 rider minimum for all classes
*No classes the week of Thanksgiving
*Cadence sensors are available - you will need a magnet, some are compatible, available for $5 if you need one
*Trainer skewers are required - available for $12 if you need one

Coaches Corner:  
Coach Ray

Coach Ray Trentini is back this season offering up his expertise on and off the bike!   Coach Ray provides a top notch workout using his knowledge and experience as a rider and racer.  He understands the concept of training with power and how to help each rider get the most out of their Speed Shop workout regardless of experience level.  In addition to his skill on the bike, Coach Ray's software engineer prowess off the bike helps keep everyone on their bike! Ray will be filling in this fall as needed and back to torturing you in the Winter! 

Coach Vicki

The Speed Shop is also excited to welcome back Coach Ironman Vicki Bate!  Coach Vicki has been training at the Speed Shop from the first season where she helped lead a group of local triathletes in a rather intense three hour Sunday morning class. Coach Vicki knows first hand the benefits of Speed Shop training.  She is a six time Ironman and has participated internationally for Team USA in the Long Course. In addition to participating in 6 - 8 triathlons a year Coach Vicki is a certified trainer and currently the race director for the very successful  Turkey Trot. She will be leading the 6:30am Tuesday this fall.