Friday, December 17, 2010


Lots of great stuff going on at the Speed Shop as the Fall Session concludes this weekend. 

There will be random classes to get your fix before the Winter Session begins on January 3rd.  Keep an eye out for email or facebook posts.  Pre-registration is going well. There are some spots available in the Wednesday morning and evening sessions and as of this posting in the Saturday 8a.m. class.  Remember if you sign up for the full session this guarantees your spot at that time slot for 10 weeks.  If you want to split the weeks with someone this is a possiblity but one of you must pre-register to secure the spot and work out your schedule and payment amongst yourselves.  If you want to start another class all you need is 5 riders and we will figure out a time.

The juniors class is taking on some form. We have three 14yr. olds and their parents signing up for a Saturday noon class.  We have 2 spots left for either 2 juniors or a parent/junior (18 & under) combo.  Call, email or text for more information. 

Even though the Fall Session is coming to a close this weekend the Fall "Top Dog" Time Trial is definitely heating up!
Top Dog Jim W. keeps shaving away seconds every ride to hold the lead in the Men's Overall Category.  My guess is some more big dogs are coming out to play real soon. It could get interesting.  In the Men's 40+ Category  Ray T. is also cutting time off of his ride to hold the top spot.  Greg Light is sitting at the top of the Men's 50+ but with a strong showing by Ed H. this week knocking off a nice chunk of time from his previous ride he can't relax too much. Not to mention the Standings Stalkers that might show up. 
Erica "Stealth" Stieve took over the Top Dog spot this week in the Women's Overall Category.  This was her first try at the TT and has close to a 30" lead over Patty C. who is leading the Women's 40+ Category by only 14" over Christine M.  Hard working Donna PT is the Women's 50+ leader with Vicki B. only a few seconds back. 
On to the Team Competitions. After some position jockeying this week the 80+ Mixed Teams is the most popular.  Ray T. and Tsahai T. are still holding on to their top spot.  With more teams jumping in the mix in the next couple weeks this category could really heat up!
In the Women's Combined 80+ Category Patty C. and Vicki B. are leading Teresa D. and Calista P. 
It seems the Men are a little shy about teaming up in the 80+ Combined Category. Come on guys! 

Remember Wheel Base Bikes is offering up a fantastic prize for all the "Top Dogs" , a free basic bike maintanence package.  And with the weather we've been having it's going to come in handy!  Along with some other goodies from Justin's Nut Butter and "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop.   Don't forget to check the twitter (@kelleyacres) feed for up to the minute action.

Please remember when we have Time Trial Classes having your time posted is optional. 

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season from
"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop

Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Session Update and More!

Winter Session Update!

The Speed Shop's busiest Fall Season so far is coming to a close on Dec. 19.  We will be offering a limited (primarily weather based) schedule from Dec. 20th - Dec. 31st.
The results are in and 80% preferred the 10 week Winter Session.  Classes will begin Jan. 3rd and end on Mar. 13.  Thank you to everyone that chimed in on the survey.  The schedule will remain bascially the same.  We will add classes based on demand,  inclement weather, and for the "Top Dog" Time Trial.  You read it right! We will be having a Winter "Top Dog" Time Trial Competition. Registration will be opening on Dec. 13th at 8p.m. at BikeReg 

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Testing Class

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is a key factor in your cycling arsenal. Don't worry if you have never heard of it.  Once you learn how it can enhance your workouts you will be hooked.  FTP is a function of the highest power output that can be maintained in a steady state for a period of time.   
With so many regulars coming to the Speed Shop, it's time to offer another way to train even more efficiently.  During the last week of December look for a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Testing Class.  The class is designed to determine your power zones in order to train more efficiently.    With a structured warm up, the test is done as a 20 minute time trial.  Once you have your appropriate power zones it allows you to apply them directly to each workout.  This is just another great piece of information in addition to heart rate and rate of perceived exertion (RPE). 
Classes are scheduled for Dec. 29 and Dec. 30, 2010. Registration will be at BikeReg.Com

Fall "Top Dog" Time Trial Competition
The Fall "Top Dog" Time Trial Competition will be heating up as the year comes to a close.  Right now Jim W. has maintained his lead in the Men's Overall and Patty C. in the Women's Overall Categories.   Ray T. and Patty C. are holding on to the top at the Master's 40+ .  Greg L. and Donna P. are still in the lead in the Master's 50+ .  New since the last blog update is the Combined ages 80+ Mixed Category. Tsahai T. and Ray T. have a nice lead going into the final few weeks of the competition.  There are rumblings of a few riders getting ready to take a shot at top spots. Stay tuned....
The competition ends on 12/31/2010

Check this out....Reindeer Rescue Run
This Saturday Dec. 11 is an opportunity to run for a great cause  - The Frederick Rescue Mission
~Event has 3 start times to include as many as possible: 7:00, 7:30 and 8:00 at Baker Park in front of the Gazebo

~Each "loop" is about 2.5 miles with each loop ending at the Mission for breakfast. You can do 1, 2 or all 3 loops. The group will trot together at about an 11 min/mi pace
~No registration fee - just bring some nonperishable food for our food pantry or gently used clothes and shoes
~the season - prizes awarded for best costumes -
For more info contact John at

Calling all Junior Cyclists!
If you or anyone you know has a junior that has a bike and would like to try a CT class with other juniors please call, email, or text for more information. 

**Gift Certificates Available

Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Schedule, Socks, Updates

The Fall Session at the Speed Shop is rollin' full steam ahead. The mild fall weather can only be an indicator of a busy winter.   In a couple weeks we will be opening registration for the Winter Session.   The Speed Shop is looking for a little feedback to help finalize the dates.  We came up with a little survey link that is attached to the email or facebook post you have received.  I have tried to attach it to this blog but blogger is not being cooperative!  Please take a moment to click on the link in the email  and answer one little question.  We will be offering a similar weekly schedule as the Fall Session.  Please keep in mind if you have a group that wants to ride together we can add classes to the schedule (5 rider minimum).  

Speed Shop Socks are in.....
2010-2011 Speed Shop Socks are available! Check them out.  (3 for $15  or $6/ea)

"Top Dog" Time Trial Update

The "Top Dog" Time Trial is really heating up.  Jim W. came out on top this week and is now leading the Men's Overall Category.  First time riding the TT and Patty C. is now leading the Women's and W40+ Category!   Ray Train held on to his top position in the Master's 40+.  Greg L. and Donna PT held on to top spots in the Master's 50+ .  A shout out to the Patty C's gene pool.  Her 16yr. old son and junior rider Matt blew through the TT course in 16:38!  Impressive ride. Watch out guys he has just started training!
We have our first Mixed 80+ Team Time Trial leaders~ Patty C. and Mike S.  The good word is we have a couple more teams for this category coming up. If you know someone that you would like to team up with let me know as soon as possible. Your ages must be 80+ Combined. The categories are Men, Women, and Mixed.  You do not need to ride the TT at the same time.  Big loot on the line thanks to Wheel Base Bikes, Justin's Nut Butter and Raw Revolution. Check out the standing HERE.

Junior  Riders Are You Out There?
This has been the hot topic around the shop lately.  We have some CT parents that have kids that either ride or want to get into riding.  We are considering a Juniors Only class.  If you or anyone you know has interest please call or email Chris.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 14, 2010

TT Update! Cross Training and Compression Gear

The Top Dog Time Trial heated up "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop this week.  All I can say is WOW!!!  We had a serious throwdown by Ray T!  Toping the podium in the Men's Overall and 40+ competition knocking nearly  a minute off his best time from last season.  And yet another throwdown came in the Men's 50+ with Greg L. taking a minute out of his best time from last season and he's just getting started!  In the ladies overall, Rosalind H.  is sitting at the top of the Women's overall podium with Tsahai T. only 20 sec. back.  New to the Speed Shop this year, Teresa D. is leading the Women's 40+ .  Seasoned CT'er Donna PT is looking strong at the top of the Women's 50+. Full results are on the website.

Thanks to our sponsors WheelBase Bikes , Raw Revolution and Justin's Nut Butter for all their generous support.  Top Dog's will receive a free basic bike maintainance overhaul from WheelBase , and lots of great products from Raw Revolution and Justin's Nut Butter.

 Heading into the Fall and Winter months as we start to lose daylight the outdoor riding season becomes abbreviated.  With holidays just around the corner finding ways to maintain fitness is important.  For me it is a subtle pressure to find other ways to keep moving.  All spring and summer, in addition to riding my bike I am filling my days with all kinds of activities.  When the time changes, I start to get claustrophobic as the sun sets. 

 The last 10 years I added the Concept2 Holiday Rowing Challenge to my off season training program.  The challenge of rowing 200,000 meters from Thanksgiving Day until Christmas Eve is the perfect addition to the holiday season.  Talk about taking your mind off your troubles.  Why would anyone do this? 

Check out the muscles you are working in each phase of rowing.  Perfect for a cyclist. Not to mention the intense cardio workout.  It really is alot of fun. A few of my training buddies got  together and set up a free account on Concept2's website so we could keep track of everyones progress.  Not only could we see what each other were doing it was a great support system to get through the Challenge.   Another great feature Concept2 offers is specific workouts for cyclists. Of course whenever you are adding a different type of training to your program it is important to take some time to let your body adjust by taking it easy the first few sessions.  Then adding a few workouts for cycling into the mix and it really helps keep you focused on reaching your Challenge goal. 
Even though Concept2 has selected three charites(you pick one) and they will donate $.02 for every 1k you row, the biggest motivator for me is "the pin".  After logging your 200k Concept2 will send you a wonderful little holiday pin for your efforts. 

Here are a few from my collection!

There you have it. A great way to cross train this fall and holiday season.  Now go to your local fitness center and get started. 

After all that rowing you have to recover.  I highly recommend compressions performance gear to aid in recovery after workouts.  Sometimes I find myself wearing my gear just because it really does feel good. 
SKINS are the brand I prefer however you can get a  reasonably priced pair of socks at your local medical supply store. Read about it. Try it. You will not be disappointed! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Speed Shop is Waking Up!

The Speed Shop is waking up! 
After the triple blizzard winter of  2009-2010 we are fully prepared to take on next season. 
Remember this?

You may not be thinking about the 2011 season right now but we are!  Now is the best time to start planning your winter training.   Along with the schedule on the web, there will be additional classes based on weather and demand. 
We have a lot of exciting updates. Remember to check the website for more information and the Fall Session schedule beginning Oct. 25th - Dec. 19th 2010!
Click here for online registration.


On Oct. 11th and Oct. 18th from 7 -8p.m. Janet Krones, an avid cyclist, endurance athlete, and yoga teacher in training will be offering free classes.
A regular yoga program can help to build an athletes strength and endurance, and introduce flexibility to chronically tight muscles. You will need to bring a yoga mat.  Space is limited so call  301.788.4631 to reserve a spot. 


On Oct. 7th and Oct. 13th at 6:30p.m we are offering a free introductory CompuTrainer class. We will go over proper bike set up on the trainer, skills and drills along with a discussion on the benefits of structured training for the winter months. Bring your bike, water bottle, towel and a steel skewer if you have one (we have extra at the shop to borrow or purchase for $12).  Check the web for more details.  If you or anyone you know would like to give it a try call 301.788.4631 to reserve a spot. We have a 5 rider minimum.


Once again we will be having the "Top Dog" Time Trial Competion.
Last winter Lucas M. won the Men's time and w/kg categories!   Michele T. won  not only the Women's timed category but the Women's 40+ time and the Women's 40+ w/kg. Paula R. showed great improvement taking the w/kg competition in the Women's division. Jim J. edged out Kevin C. for the Men's 40+  with John O. edging out Don F. for the top spot in the Men's 50+ . Vicki secured the top Women's 50+ category. 
There will be a few changes for the Fall Session  including a 2 person team combined age category for Men and Women.  
Every Sunday at 2p.m. we will run a Time Trial Class.

Keep checking the web for more details on what is happening at "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Speed Shop Update

There have been a lot of exciting events going on over the last month. The stories and race reports keep rolling in. It's great to see everyone continuing to enjoy the road. 

Here are a few highlights from this summer

 Donna P. is getting 3 Time Tour de France winner Greg Lemond to autograph her jersey during the Catoctin Challenge.

Racine Multisports has been busy this summer!  Lots of Speed Shop athletes have been taking on these well run events. Check out the website for a list of all the events and services as well as lots of familiar names  in the results from winter training sessions!

 Going back to his roots, Lumpy takes on the Hagerstown Triathlon.  Great to see the roadies mixing it up this summer.  AND he won his age group. How cool is that?

I have no picture evidence but the husband/wife combo of Ray and Judy Trentini recently took on another fine addition to the Racine Multisport calander, the Ft. Ritchie Sprint Triathlon.   Ray placing 4th overall and Judy finishing well in her age group.  Another regular at the Speed Shop, Geoff Irwin was the overall winner of the event!!

 Susan E. is getting ready to hit the road course of the Hagerstown Tri.  She put in a very strong performance placing 6th out of 23 competitors
Rachel B. at the Hagerstown Tri showing off her medal for her strong podium performance

Speedster Steve Wahl of Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
sprinting for the Mid Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association 35+ Criterium Championship at Ft. Ritchie.
Steve was nipped at the line by former Iranian Olympian, Nima Ebrahimnejad. Very impressive finish!
The event was promoted by Antietam Velo Club of Hagerstown.
This is only a sampling of all the great things going on this summer. If you have any pictures or stories you would like to share with us please send them on. 

If you are looking to get in some late summer miles the Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team is having their 15th Annual Bay Country Century on September 4th on the beautiful rolling roads around the Chesapeake Bay. Go HERE for more info

We are working on the fall and winter schedule for the Speed Shop. Look for more information in the coming weeks. Remember if  you have a group of 5 or more and want to secure a specific class time send and email to for availablity.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again real soon.

There are lots of interesting takes on organic.  Check out this article for athletes:

Organic Foods for Athletes?

Organic foods–are they better, safer, more nutritious? That's what many active people want to know. After all, when you are training hard to enhance your performance, you might as well enhance your health at the same time—and that means eating wisely and well. Questions arise: should eating organic foods be a part of your sports diet? This article addresses some questions athletes commonly ask about whether or not to go organic.
The meaning of organic
To start, what does “organic” actually mean? Organic refers to the way farmers grow and process fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products. Only foods that are grown and processed according to USDA organic standards can be labeled “organic”. (Note: The food label terms “natural”, “hormone free” or “free-range” do not necessarily mean “organic”.) Organic farming practices are designed to conserve soil and water and to reduce pollution. For example, organic farmers do not use chemical fertilizers, insecticides or weed killers on crops. Nor do they use growth hormones, antibiotics and medications to enhance animal growth and prevent disease.

Why go organic?
Organic fruits and vegetables can cost about 30% more than standard produce, if not more. If you are a hungry athlete who requires a lot of food, you might be wondering: Are organic products worth the extra cost? In terms of taste, some athletes claim organic foods taste better. Taste is subjective and may relate to the fact freshly grown foods have more flavor. In terms of nutrition, some research suggests organic foods may have slightly more minerals and antioxidants than conventionally grown counterparts, but the differences are insignificant. You could adjust for the difference by simply eating a larger portion of standard broccoli.

One important reason to buy organic—preferably locally grown organic—is to help sustain the earth and replenish its resources. Buying locally grown foods supports the small farmers and helps them earn a better living from their farmland. Otherwise, farmers can easily be tempted to sell their land for house lots or industrial parks—and there goes more beautiful open green space.
Yet, if you buy organic foods from a large grocery store chain, you should think about the whole picture. Because organic fruits, for example, are in big demand, they may need to be transported for thousands of miles, let’s say from California to Massachusetts. This transportation process consumes fuel, pollutes the air—and hinders the establishment of a better environment. Does this really fit the ideal vision of “organic”? The compromise is to buy locally grown produce whenever possible. To find the farm stands in your area, visit
A second potential reason to choose organic relates to reducing the pesticide content in your body and the potential risk of cancer and birth defects. The Environmental Protection Agency ( has established standards that require a 100- to 1,000-fold margin of safety for pesticide residues. They have set limits based on scientific data that indicates a pesticide will not cause “unreasonable risk to human health.” According to Richard Bonanno, PhD, agricultural expert at University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a farmer himself, 65% to 75% of conventionally grown produce has no detectible pesticides. (When used properly and applied at the right times, pesticides degrade and become inert.)
Results of testing vegetables from farms in Massachusetts showed no pesticide residues in 100% of the samples. Bonanno reports only 0.5% of conventionally grown foods (but 3-4% of imported foods) are above EPA standards. A 2005 survey of 13,621 food samples revealed pesticide residue exceeding the tolerance was 0.2%. (1) Yet, watchdog groups such as and wave red flags and remind us, for example, that small amounts of pesticides can accumulate in the body. This may be of particular concern during vulnerable periods of growth, such as with young children.

Conflicting values
Clearly, whether or not to buy organic foods becomes a matter of personal values. Bonanno sees “organic”, in part, as a marketing ploy, with organic foods portrayed as being safer and better. He argues we do not have a two-tier food system in the US--with wealthier people who can afford to buy organic foods being the recipients of safer foods.

Options So what's a hungry but poor athlete to do?
• Eat a variety of foods, to minimize exposure to a specific pesticide residue.
• Carefully wash and rinse fruits and vegetables under running water; this can remove 99% of any pesticide residue (depending on the food and the pesticide).
• Peel fruits, such as apples, potatoes, carrots and pears (but then, you also peel off important nutrients).
• Remove the tops and outer portions of celery, lettuce and cabbage.
• Buy organic versions of the foods you eat most often, such as organic apples if you are a five-a-day apple eater.

• Sometimes (if not all the time), buy organic versions of the fruits and veggies that are known to have the highest pesticide residue, even after having been washed. According to the Environmental Working Group ( the “Dirty Dozen” includes these fruits: apples, cherries, imported grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, strawberries, red raspberries; and these vegetables: potato, bell peppers, celery, spinach.

• Save money by choosing conventionally grown versions of the “Clean Dozen” (with little or no pesticide residue): banana, kiwi, pineapple, mango, papaya (note that foods like papaya, mango and banana have their own protective shell, so this reduces pesticide exposure on the flesh of the fruit); asparagus, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, sweet corn, and green peas. (For a complete list of 43 fruits and veggies, see
When all is said and done, whether or not to make the extra shopping trip and pay the higher price is an individual decision. But for athletes who are concerned about the environment, buying organic foods can help save the small farms—and may contribute to a better future for our planet.

If you have any concerns or questions about your nutritional needs, seek the consultation of a local sports nutritionist for appropriate care. To locate a top sports nutritionist in your area, please visit our Find a Sports Nutritionist Near You section. Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD (board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics) counsels casual & competitive athletes at Healthworks (617-383-6100), the premier fitness center in Chestnut Hill MA. Her bestselling Sports Nutrition Guidebook and food guides for new runners, marathoners, soccer players and cyclists are available at

*photo credit to Carol Baker
*video credit to Scott Gordon

Monday, July 12, 2010

Speed Shop News!

First Tri!

Congrats to Speed Shoppers Corey Rabideau and Melany Rowley who recently completed their first triathlon, the Assateague Assault Sprint Distance Triathlon. Corey's strong road racing skills and Melany's background in swimming made them great training partners! Also, This past weekend Corey was back on the road and won his category at the South Mountain Hill Climb. He knocked a minute off his previous time winning his category and finishing 3rd Overall. Way to go!

Corey's finish

Melany's finish
Speed Shop Shout Out
Jim Johnson a.k.a. Coast Guard Jim of Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team (ABRT)! WINS the Superior Bike Fest Omnium 35+ open Cat!! (race report below)

Stage 1 Twilight Criterium, Marquette ,MI

My race started at 9pm with temperatures at about 60 degrees F, slight breeze and raining. The course is .7 miles and is square starting on the main thoroughfare thru town, turning left and down hill for 2 blocks, left and down hill again for about 2 long blocks and then 2 more lefts up hill to get back to the start. The race was open to all Cat’s and the official 35+ field was small so we had a number of CAT 1,2 and 3 riders race to help out teammates. The field at the start line was probably 35-40. At the start of the race, Priority Health and Ace Hardware teams grabbed the front. I planted myself in the top 10 and tried to stay out of the wind. A break went off the front with an Ace Hardware guy and a Two Wheel Tango guy but we brought them back pretty quickly. Either Ace, Priority Health or one of the other teams attacked each time we brought a break back for about the first 10 laps or so. With about 15 laps to go, a 2 man break got away and stayed about 8-15 seconds away until about 7 to go. Things really heated up at this point as Priority Health, Two Wheel Tango and Breakaway Bikes tried to get something going and up’ed the pace. The rain had stayed away for about 2 races before this one but was now making up for lost time. At the bottom of the course at turn 3 where the pavement points back uphill to the finish line, it was getting pretty crazy. A number of street service connections and a manhole kept riders shifting lines at the last minute. The upturn in speed and the now wet road made things that much more sketchy. By 2 laps to go we were screaming down Spring street for turn 3 and 4. Exiting turn 3, if you weren’t out of the saddle and cranking hard up the hill and around turn 4, you were off the back with no chance to catch up. On the final lap, I had worked my way up to 5th or 6th. The sprint started out of turn 3 as expected and exploded out of turn 4. We were down to about 18 riders at this time with the top 8 sprinting for the win. A guy from SC racing came flying around me and I tried to catch his wheel but he was pulling away fast. In the drops and cranking hard I managed to place 4th.

Stage 2 Michigan State Championship 55 mile Road Race

Cool temps, fog and light drizzle were the conditions for this race. The road race here is a 55 mile lollipop shaped course with 2 major climbs, 1 long descent and an uphill finish. Priority Health, Ace Hardware and Two Wheel Tango had a significant presence with 2 or 3 other teams having 2 or 3 members present. This being the State Road Championship race, it brought racers from all over Michigan so the competition was pretty stiff. Being a lone rider, my thought was to stay near the front and look for a promising breakaway to latch on to. The start was pretty uneventful, with only a couple of attacks being made by the smaller teams early on. The first climb was early in the race and didn’t have much effect on the peleton. At about the 15 mile mark, a 3 man break went off the front with riders from Priority Health, Two Wheel Tango and Ace Hardware. I noticed that 2 of the riders in the break had placed in the top 10 in the Crit and who I new were pretty strong. Although pretty early in the race, it seemed that this break had all the markings of being able to stick so I bridged up. Now a 4 man break, we got into a paceline rhythm and started flying. Covered by the fog and protected from chases by the 3 larger teams, we pretty much walked away from the pack. At about mile 40, the rider from Ace Hardware dropped a chain. Down to 3 men in the break and 15 miles to go we were really working to keep our lead. The final major climb came at mile marker 47. With 5 miles to the finish, the Two Wheel Tango rider blew up and we dropped him. For the last 5 miles, the Priority Health rider and I continued to work together until the climb to the finish. He had been hanging back on the other climbs and he seemed pretty cooked. 100 meters into the final climb I attacked comeing around him fast and shake him off my wheel. He didn’t even chase me. I came across the finish line 1st putting 30 seconds into him and 1:30 into the rest of the field. Some days is better to be lucky than good. This was one of those days.

For video:
Scroll thru the commercial and forward to minute 2:45 for TV coverage of the Superior Bike Fest RR. ABRT got some major exposure on UP TV.

Stage 3 Presque Isle Circuit Race

Once again, overcast sky’s, cool temps and the, ever present, threat of rain were the conditions for the last stage of the Superior Bike Fest. This circuit race was a fast 2.5 miles course with a ¾ mile, very steep climb and a 1 + mile descent to the start/finish line that includes 2 very narrow and sharp corners to navigate through. Originally slated for 4 laps, we were reduced to 3 due to a wreck in one of the aforementioned corners that delayed our start. It was a sprint from the start. My goal was to defend my current position on the GC and advance it if possible and to that end, I kept an eye on the 2 riders ahead of me and the 2 riders behind me in the classification. First attack came on the climb on the 1st lap. The rider was no threat so I held my place. About ½ way up the climb we caught him and the SC Racing rider in 1st in the GC attacked. I jumped his wheel and kept with him to the start/finish line at which time we were caught. SC Racing dropped back into the pack and I continued to watch the attacks. On the final lap, Two Wheel Tango sent a man off the front and an Ace Hardware rider went with. I jumped and blew around a Priority Health rider I was marking and caught on the Ace Hardware rider’s wheel. By this time we were on the descent to the finish line and we were screaming through the turns. Coming out of the saddle after the last turn, we sprinted for the finish, Ace Hardware in the lead followed by Two Wheel Tango and myself (3rd.). The SC Racing rider finish 8th and the Priority Health rider DNF’d so ABRT took the lead in the GC. Once again, this is a great race series held in beautiful surroundings and well organized and well worth doing.

Having Trouble with Cramping? check out this article on pickle juice!

Can Pickle Juice Stop Muscle Cramps?
Recently, 10 healthy male college students filed into an exercise laboratory at Brigham Young University in Utah to drink pickle juice. Many people involved in sports are convinced that the briny fluid combats muscle cramping. In a 2008 survey, a quarter of the athletic trainers interviewed said that they regularly dispense pickle juice to cramp-stricken athletes. Many also report that, in their experiences, the stuff quickly brakes the cramping. The athletic trainers have told researchers that they believe the pickle juice must be replenishing the salt and fluids the athletes had lost to sweat. But no laboratory science had verified that theory.

The Utah volunteers began with a series of 30-minute bicycling sessions, using a semi-recumbent bicycle, configured so that only the leg pedaled. The laboratory was warm, increasing the amount the exercising men sweated. Each cycled in 30-minute bouts (with five minutes of rest between) until each had lost 3 percent of his body weight through perspiration, a widely accepted definition of mild dehydration.
The young men were then fitted with a contraption on the big toe of their unexercised leg, and the tibial nerve in the men’s ankles was electrically stimulated, causing a muscle in the big toe to cramp. (The procedure causes some discomfort, making it too painful to use on larger muscles, like the hamstrings or the quadriceps.) The volunteers were told to relax and let the cramps run their course. The average duration of the cramps was about two and a half minutes.
The volunteers rested and did not drink any fluids. Then their tibial nerve was zapped again. This time, though, as soon as the toe cramps began, each man downed about 2.5 ounces of either deionized water or pickle juice, strained from a jar of ordinary Vlasic dills. The reaction, for some, was rapid. Within about 85 seconds, the men drinking pickle juice stopped cramping. But the cramps continued unabated in the men drinking water. Pickle juice had “relieved a cramp 45 percent faster” than drinking no fluids and about 37 percent faster than water, concluded the authors of the study, which was published last month on the Web site of the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.
Exercise-induced muscle cramps are one of the continuing mysteries of physiology. Extremely pervasive, they afflict most active people at some point. But scientists remain deeply divided about what causes the cramping. For years, most people, inside and outside academia, believed that cramping was caused by sweating-induced dehydration and the accompanying loss of sodium and potassium. Sufferers were advised to load up on potassium-rich bananas or chug large amounts of salty sports drinks.
But a number of laboratory and field studies in recent years have undermined the dehydration theory. The most recent, completed by the same group of scientists who studied pickle juice, employed a similar study design. A group of college students had cramps induced in their toes. They then pedaled with one leg until dehydration set in. Their toes were made to cramp again, Presumably if dehydration were the underlying cause of the cramping, the scientists should have been able to induce a cramp with less electrical stimulation when the men were dehydrated; their muscles should have been primed to cramp. But the experiment didn’t work out that way. As detailed last month in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, the scientists had to use the same amount of stimulation to induce a cramp after dehydration as they had before. Their conclusion? “Exercise-induced cramps occurring to athletes” who are mildly dehydrated “were likely not caused by dehydration,” says Kevin C. Miller, Ph.D., ATC, the lead author of both studies and now an assistant professor in the Athletic Training Education Program at North Dakota State University in Fargo.
What, then, does probably cause athletes to cramp? The pickle-juice experiment provides some intriguing clues. “The pickle juice did not have time” to leave the men’s stomachs during the experiment, Dr. Miller points out. So the liquid itself could not have been replenishing lost fluids and salt in the affected muscles. Instead some other mechanism must have initiated the cramps and been stymied by the pickle juice.
Dr. Miller suspects that that mechanism is exhaustion, either directly or through biochemical processes that accompany fatigue. Certain mechanisms within muscles have been found, in animal and limited human studies, he says, to start misfiring when a muscle is extremely tired. Small nerves that should keep the muscle from overcontracting malfunction, and the muscle bunches when it should relax. Pickle juice may work, Dr. Miller says, by countermanding the malfunction. Something in the acidic juice, perhaps even a specific molecule of some kind, may be lighting up specialized nervous-system receptors in the throat or stomach, he says, which, in turn, send out nerve signals that somehow disrupt the reflex melee in the muscles. Dr. Miller suspects that ultimately, it’s the vinegar in the pickle juice that activates the receptors. In a recent case report by other researchers, a single athlete’s cramping was relieved more quickly when he drank pure vinegar (without much pleasure, I’m sure) than when he drank pickle juice.
At the moment, speculation about the powers of pickle juice remains just that, speculative. “It’s extremely challenging” to induce realistic sports cramps in the lab, Dr. Miller says. His technique, of causing the big toe to spasm, while useful, can’t fully replicate what happens in larger, stronger leg muscles during a cramp. Still, the work is suggestive and, perhaps most important, implies methods for finding relief. “If muscle fatigue is the cause,” he says, then training properly, building up your mileage slowly and perhaps adding strength training that focuses specifically on muscles that have cramped in the past, may help. In the meantime, if your calf or other muscle suddenly, painfully catches, “try stretching it,” Dr. Miller says. Doing so has been found in laboratory studies to significantly shorten the duration of a muscle cramp, most likely by shaking up and resetting the misfiring muscle and nerve reflexes. And perhaps, if you can stomach the idea, pack a few ounces of pickle juice on your next training session. It’s not as palatable as bananas, but unlike them, Dr. Miller says, “it seems to work.”


Have any news you want to share with the Speed Shop crew?

send it our way at

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Speed Shop Upcoming Events and News

Save the date!
Professional bicycle mechanic, Eric Greene of United Healthcare Pro Cycling Team presented by Maxxis, is coming to Patapsco Bike & Sport on Thursday, June 10. Just back from the Tour of California, Eric will conduct a bike wash clinic to teach how to properly clean and maintain your bike. He will also discuss what life is like on the road with a professional cycling team. Here's your chance to learn from a pro! Bring your questions on bike maintenance and the pro cycling circuit. Eric has been a mechanic for professional bike teams for many years.

This is a great opportunity to learn from a pro. Click here to see a recent article about Eric in the May 2010 issue of ROAD Magazine. He gives a nice shout out to Fast Freddie!

For all the Speed Shop triathletes, Patapsco Bike & Sport also carries items from Streamlines Swim and Sport. Check out this recent article or go to their website here. Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.
In addition many new events added to this seasons schedule, Racine Multisports is offering Open Water Swim Practices at Fort Ritchie. Go here for more information.
Vicki Bate gets some great press from the local paper and gives some very nice props to the Speed Shop. Check it our here!
If you've been to the Speed Shop for a workout, you have probably been given the "recovery" speech. Here is an interesting article on how pro cyclists are incorporating a gluten free diet to aid in not just recovery but better overall health and fitness.

A shout to Matt Davis of NCVC for his recent license upgrade from Category 5 to Category 4 in road racing. A well deserved upgrade after getting on the top step of the podium in his last two races as at Cat. 5. Way to go Matt!

Lots of great ride and race reports have been coming in this spring. Keep up the great work everyone and don't forget to check us out for inclement weather classes and special events.

Pedal on...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vicki's Going to Worlds!

Last September in Oklahoma City, Speedster Vicki Bate qualified for Team USA Worlds Long Course Triathlon Event, to be held in Immenstadt, Germany on August 1st, 2010.

“I am very proud and honored to be among the most elite athletes in the country representing the United States of America at this global event.”

Vicki is currently training diligently to achieve her personal best and is positive she will be ready for this challenge. This event will consist of a 2.4 mile swim, an 81 mile bike ride with 6,946 feet of climbing and an 18 mile run.

This wonderful opportunity represents Vicki's years of hard work, determination, and commitment. She could not have done it without the love and support of friends, family, and community. A special thanks to Lyman Jones of MultiBenefits, Debbie Lamperti, Dr. Jeanne O’Connell of Sylvania Institute.

Beyond her success in sports, Vicki is a mother to twin boys and has overcome obstacles that come from having Crohn's and celiac disease. From there comes her belief that nutrition, self awareness and life balance are key elements for staying healthy.

The Speed Shop wishes Vicki all the luck on this amazing journey.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"On The Road" Update

The last few weeks have been quite busy with the outdoor "on the road" season underway.

On the racing front, we have Margaret Northam on top of the podium as she took 1st in her age group in The Tri for The Cure in Phoenix, Arizona last weekend! Way to go!

Matt Davis takes on his first crit of the 2010 season Vint Hill Classic

Other Speedsters in action on March 28th were Frederick Triathlon Club's George Corbi, Kevin Kendro, and Lucas McCullom of the Snapple Tri Team. All had impressive early season results at the Brandywine Duathlon. Next up is the Boston Marathon for George and New Orleans 70.3 for Lucas.

This past weekend brought on some local racing with the Walkersville Road Race sponsored by Steve Wahl's racing team ABRT (Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team). Alot of locals took part in the event. Jordan Leitma raced his first Cat 4/5 road race and finished strong after some very hard efforts. Joining Jordan in the Cat 4/5 field were local triathlete Lucas McCullom and Matt Davis of NCVC, both managed to keep the race animated and put a hurt on the rest of the field. Other locals, John Olinski, Dennis Crockett, and Jim Johnson all raced in the 35/45+ Masters Race with very impressive finishes averaging almost 27mph for the 56mi. race. Steve Wahl racing with the big guns in the Category 1,2,3 Men's field had another solid performance. With a teammate in the break, Steve could hide in the field to conserve energy for the field sprint. Yours truly finished comfortably in what was left of the main field in a combined Women's Category 1-4 and Master's Men's 55+ field. All results are posted on the ABRT website.

Sunday offered the chance for a double race weekend for the roadies. Tyson's Corner Circuit Race in Virginia offered up a nice little circuit with an uphill finishing stretch. Starting the day off strong with his first podium appearance of the year was NCVC's Matt Davis in the Category 4/5 . Look for more of these in the near future. AVC's Scotty G rolled to the line for 2 races on Sunday. This is not an easy task. First up Scotty finished 15th in the Cat. 3 race and followed this up and finished with the field in the Masters 35+ race, which can be just as fast as the pros. Wanting to test his legs a little more on Sunday, Steve Wahl came out with his game face on in the Cat. 1,2,3 race. In a field of up and comers, former and current pro racers, Steve, with his take no prisoners attitude pulled off an early race prime winning $75 and finished an impressive 8th place. Being the ultimate speedster he gets to use his prime money to pay his speeding ticket on the way home. Go Steve!

I jumped in the ladies race again on Sunday with my Team Kenda teammates. and managed 7th in the Cat. 1/2 field and 8th overall. Here it a report from one my teammates Jen:

"Tyson's Corner Circuit race is always a tough race. Whether its the uphill finish, or because its early season and the day after a road race, or perhaps a combination of both, its never less than a gut-checker! This year was easily one of the highest quality fields we've had since I started racing; Team Kenda's Marni Harker, Chris Kelley, Janelle Hubbard and myself lined-up against riders Sarah Caravella from BMW Bianchi, Amanda Watson and Erin Siliman from Fruit 66, the ABRT Women's Elite team and all the other high-quality women from the area.

The course is selective and tends to be a race of attrition, but that didn't stop numerous attacks lead by Team Kenda, BMW Bianchi and Fruit 66 from making the race aggressive from the gun. Team Kenda raced like a well-oiled machine and there were several attacks throughout the race that looked like they would stick as a break, each time Team Kenda being represented by either Chris Kelley, myself or both of us. About half-way through the race I was able to counter a move from CK and solo away going up the hill and quickly had about a 20 second gap! I really wanted it to stick, but knew with 25 minutes/10 laps to go it would be a long time to stay off the front with this tenacious field.

As the race counter came down to 2-3 laps to go it became clear that other than a possible flyer on the bell-lap, this race was going to come to a field sprint (meaning time to "recover"). The Bell came and we proceeded around the course for one last time. Fortunately, even with the tired legs the tempo did manage to ramp-up. Coming into the final corner we were about 400m downhill from the finish-line. I was fairly well-positioned in 3rd or 4th wheel behind Sarah C. and Amanada W., but still a little too far for me to make it to the finish line. Knowing my sprint, I need a high-speed leadout in order to maintain the speed I need to contest a field sprint and generally in local races that does not happen. Suddenly, I felt a light touch on my hip and there was teammate Marni Harker coming on my inside to give me that much needed 15m catapult launch to the finish. The sprint was on! Sarah Caravella easily took the win, but the race for last two podium spots was tough. My legs started to lock-up aout 10m from the finish, (now hating me for all the earlier breakaway attempts), but the thought of Marni sacrificing her race to push me forward gave me that last "umph" to get across the finish line and hold onto a podium at 3rd place!

There are lots of great outdoor riding opportunties in the area. Check out Frederick Pedalers and the Frederick Triathlon Club. Also, 8 a.m. Sundays is the weekly WheelBase ride. Lots of options on this ride that usually splits up into 2 or 3groups. Minimum miles is usually 40, max is 60 or so with average speeds of 15-18. The Monday night ride from the same place that leaves at 6p.m., and a Wednesday morning ride that leaves from the Frederick YMCA at 9 a.m.

If you have any results or rides to share please pass them along. Hope everyone is enjoying spring!

Pedal on....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Speed Shop Ladies

The crazy rain this weekend meant Saturday was very busy at the Speed Shop.
The ladies outnumbered the guys!
This is Margaret. She is just one of the Shop regulars and is training for her first triathlon next month, Triathlon for a Cure in Scottsdale, AZ. At 65 yrs. young Margaret has worked hard all winter at the Speed Shop getting ready for the bike portion of her event. She's been spotted doing her transition run around "Kelley Acres" after class. You can support Margaret's cause here . Go Margaret!!!

This is Cheryl. She made the drive down from Fairfield, PA to try out the Speed Shop. The first time I saw Cheryl, she was racing "Kelley Acres" Cross in 2009. A former overall champion of the NUE series (very impressive), Cheryl is racing for Team CF this year. Great rider racing for a good cause!
Michele, Cheryl, Susan, Gwen, Meta, and Carol warming up for class
Gwen showing off her GAP seat protector and I didn't catch the name of the handlebar cover but it looked pretty fancy too! It worked well!

Other lady riders, Donna PT of Frederick Pedalers and Christine F. of ABRT also joined in the earlier classes but were missing from the photos!

In all fairness, to the guys we had fine representation from the Frederick Triathlon Club with club prez Dave M., and most improved player, Mike W. Also joining in were Dave D. of Wheelbase and Ray T. of NCVC.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raw Revolution's "Top Dogs" decided and other news

Today was the conclusion of the "Top Dog" Winter Time Trial Competition sponsored by Raw Revolution. Over 50 riders participated in different categories from January 1st - February 28th. The competition was held on the 10k CompuTrainer Indoor Time Trial Course.

In a hotly contested Men's Time Category, Lucas M. of Snapple Triathlon Team saved his best for last, shaving 20" off of his previous performance, and 2" off his personal best to unseat Matt D. of NCVC as "Top Dog" for the Winter Season with a time of 14:41.17. This is the new Speed Shop record.
In the Men's w/kg category strong man, Jim J., of ABRT had an impressive 4.623 w/kg grip on the top spot until Lucas managed to raise his game not only with time, but also with power, to finish with a 4.830 w/kg! Jim J. did secure his "Top Dog" position in the 40+ Men's Category with a time of 15:28.5 but not without a hard charge from Kevin C. only 10" behind. The Men's 50+ Category was HOT! Only 7" separated the top 3 riders. Terry H. made the one hour trek to the Speed Shop to give it go. He finished in 16:19.6 just missing 2nd place by 1" to Don F. of AVC . Our very own, John "Lumpy" O. also representing AVC, showed us there is a time trial in those legs after all, and topped the others with a 16:12.4. Nicely done.
Not only can he time trial, Lumpy can duct tape Don's running shoes to his pedals for the workout! Do not try this at home!!
On the ladies side, Super fast Michele T. of the Frederick Triathlon Club, remained "Top Dog" in the Women's Time Category AND added the Women's 40+ Category to her list of top podium finishes with a very impressive time of 17:09.04. A new face on top of the Women's w/kg category was Paula R. She raised her game in a big way this winter and landed a 3.514 w/kg. Strong and steady Vicki B. placed "Top Dog" in the Women's 50+ category with a hard charged 19:22.8. Way to go ladies!
This was a fantasic warm up for the upcoming:
"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop was invited to participate in this event with three other CompuTrainer Centers in the region. All the info you need is on the website. If you know anyone that may want to try out their early season fitness, pass on the link.

In other news, the Speed Shop is a proud sponsor of the Frederick Triathlon Club.

Jason S. and Dave M. Club Prez showing off the new digs.

And there we are! Great looking kit!

Thanks to all the riders that have made it out for our fall and winter seasons. We hope we were able to help a few people maintain their sanity during the extreme winter weather conditions. We are working on getting our class schedules automated with Sign ups are live for our 4 week Spring sessions on Tues. 6:30 a.m. or Weds. at 10 a.m. starting 3/2. We will be running a modified spring schedule based on the weather and daylight savings. Check out the web for updates. Or as always, call, email or text.

Pedal on....

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kari goes to Haiti

One of the most satisfying things about the Speed Shop are the cool people I've been meeting. Kari (on the right) contacted me about CT classes after seeing an article in the local paper. She and her friend Suzy signed up for some classes. This week was Kari's last class for a while. She is going to Haiti to participate in the earthquake diaster relief efforts with Hands on Disaster Response (HODR). Kari started this blog to journal her experience.
I wanted to share this great deed and wish Kari safe travels.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shop TT Update and more...

We are heading into the last week of the "Top Dog" Winter Time Trial Competition sponsored by Raw Revolution . Lots of yummy prizes are on the table for the "Top Dog" !
Going into the final week, Joos is still holding down first place in the Men's Time Category. Jim J. just laid out a new personal best today! He extended his lead in the Men's w/kg AND took over the top spot in the 40+ Men's categories, knocking 12" off his previous time. He said "Bring it!" Not really, Jim would never say that. He lets his pedaling do the talking.
John O. aka Lumpy has taken over the top spot in the Men's 50+ category with Don F. and Terry H. not far behind. On the women's side, Christine M. is leading the Women's and Master's 40+, and w/kg Categories. Vicki B. is still holding on to the top spot in the Women's Master's 50+ Category.
Stay tuned for more updates this week. There are lots of TT's running this week at the Speed Shop.
Also of note... GamJams, has invited the Speed Shop to participate in a regional Time Trial Competition with at least 3 other CompuTrainer Centers. Riders at all centers will ride the same TT course for time. Lots categories and cool prizes. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Pedal on...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shop Updates and Spin Larry

We have an exciting update to the "Top Dog" Winter TT Competition. Raw Revolution has come on board as a sponsor. We had some samples of their product at the Speed Shop from "Kelley Acres" Cross Race. They were thrilled to step up to become involved in another "Kelley Acres" event.
The TT standings are heating up. Joos is still holding onto the top spot in the Men's Competition and w/kg. Christine M. is now at the top of the Women's Competition and w/kg. In the Master's Categories Kevin C. and Bernie Sellers are "Top Dog" in the 40+ and 50+ respectively. Christine M. and Vicki B. round out the Master's Women 40+ and 50+. Chuck K., Kevin C., Rachel B., Vicki B. and Donna P., have shaved significant amounts of time off previous rides.

Last weekend I attended the USA Cycling Level 2 Coaching Clinic in Baltimore, MD. This three day event was much more interesting than expected. The quality of the instructors as well as the attendees made for exceptional information sharing and learning experience. Topics covered over the weekend ranged from Nutrition/Hydration, Periodization/Training Plan Design, and Tactics covered by Sam Callan and Al Gandolfi. Dr. Andy Doyle provided a tremendous amount of information on sports physiology as it applies towards cyclists and triathletes.

Speed Shop regular, Steve Wahl got some PRESS at GamJams. Way to go and a big thanks for the shout out !

I kept hearing alot of chatter on Weds. mornings about Spin Larry from the local YMCA spin classes. Larry contacted me about attending his first class at the Speed Shop. Last week Larry not only came to class but had his game face on during the Shop TT!
Spin Larry and the Weds. morning crew
Larry and Christine were on each other's wheels for most of the TT. Larry took her at the line on the uphill finishing stretch.
Stay tuned.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter Heat Wave at the Speed Shop

The "Top Dog" Winter TT Competition is underway. Minutes are begin knocked off of previous performances as riders are training harder than ever to get their legs ready for Spring. Check the standing here.
A special shout out to Joos. He showed up with his game face on and is now leading the Men's Category on time and w/kg. Kevin C. is at the top of the Master's Men's 40+ standings. And crowd favorite, Bill S. had an impressive performance and is leading the Master's Men's 50+ category.
Donna P. is not only leading the Women's Category but also the Master's Women 50+. Look for more updates in the coming week.

Last weekend, Susan from HPC came to the Speed Shop for VO2 testing. Nine riders participated in the torture session to obtain information that will help them to train more efficiently using the power and heart rate information. Here is a link that describes additional information obtained from the testing.

Corey R. getting warmed up for the test
Kevin K. is getting started

Vicki B. just finishing her test!

Ray T. is pedaling FAST!

First time tester George C. didn't even sweat!

We have a great crew of ladies on Wednesday mornings. Paula R. gets an award for "fastest set up". She leaves herself as little time as possible to get ready for class. Rachel picked up on this and gave her this T-shirt.

Look for Paula in the TT results real soon.

Blanca is another one of our Wednesday ladies. Rachel (in the back) recognized Blanca's fighting spirit and suited her up with this little T-shirt.

Monday, January 4, 2010

And the Winners are....

The Speed Shop's "Top Dog" Fall Season TT Competition was a "barn burner". Those of you who know me well~there were no actual flames, so relax! But there were some serious watts burned!

The course was the 10K (6.2mi) CompuTrainer Indoor Time Trial . Triathlete Lucas M. dominated both Men's categories based on time and w/kg. Word on the street is he is already eyeballin' the Winter Competition. The Women's time category was won by triathlete Michele T. while, Paula R. took the top spot in the w/kg category.

In the Master's 40+ category roadie Jim J. edged out Henrik O. by 4"! Newlywed Christine F. won the Women's 40+ category over a tenacious Christine M.
Check out the full results HERE

The "Top Dog" Winter TT Competion will be announced in the next week. There will be a few small changes and it will be held on the same course.
In other shop news....

Local triathletes started their season this weekend.
For 3hrs. every Sunday morning they go into lockdown at the Speed Shop.

George C. is new to the Speed Shop training. Vicki B. was admiring his special needs bag!
You know it's cold when super mt. bike chick and friend Anna visits the Speed Shop. Look for her racing with Gripped Racing this season. And based on her game face she'll make a run at the Kenda Cup.
This is the Sunday afternoon crew that got to take advantage of one of the added classes due to the frigid temps. *photo by Anna

The high winds Saturday night managed to topple the deluxe porto-john, but Mr. Kelley Acres had it upright by classtime...sorry no interior photos.

Keep checking the website for class updates and additions. You can also find us on Facebook at "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop.