Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Up Next...Season 7!

While the outdoor riding season is slowly losing daylight, "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop is gaining momentum for Season 7!  If it sounds like a television series that is because we have had a different vibe each year since 2008.  It is true not all the shenanigans that go on in the pain cave would be appropriate for television but having some fun while sharing the pain one pedal stroke at a time makes the darker days of fall and winter go by a little faster.   

Fall Session Information

When: 10/20/2014 - 12/20/2014 check out the class schedule on the website
The schedule will be the same as last fall assuming the rider minimums per class are met.  Random classes will be added if the weather is bad. There will be more classes offered on the schedule in the 2015 Winter Session. 

What: The Fall is the perfect time to start establishing good riding habits and make improvements. Working on a fluid pedal stroke and proper form for efficiency while getting a great workout will lay the foundation for the 2015 Winter Session
The first week of class will be the Functional Threshold Power (FTP) class to establish power and heart rates zones in order to train specifically to your data. Establishing training parameters is important to get the most of this program. Weeks 2- 8 will build on each other in order to prepare for the Winter Session in 2015.

Cost: 1 class per week $179 or 2 classes per week for $315

Registration: Opens 9/21/14 at 7pm on BikeReg

*5 rider minimum for all classes except Tuesday Early Bird is a 6 rider minimum
*No classes the week of Thanksgiving - this is a REST week.
*Cadence sensors are available - you will need a magnet, some are compatible, available for $5 if you need one
*Trainer skewers are required - available for $12 if you need one

Any questions please call 301.788.4631 or email