Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hard Core!

Speed Shop opened up for a few brave ones this morning

First to arrive Lucas and Melissa

Matt making sure there were other crazies working out

Donna PT was all smiles and toasty warm in her snow gear

Last but not least Steve made it over the ridge with his snowy bike in tow

We had to thaw out the important parts

The group ended up getting a great 1.5 hour workout.

Fast Freddie worked tirelessly to keep the driveway clear for a safe exit. Tomorrow we are taking on the Speed Shop TT. Look for standings at

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Speed Shop has heated up!

Lots of updating to do from the "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop.

Let's start out with the The “Top Dog” Fall TT Competition. We added a Master’s 40+ Men and Women’s 40+ Time Category. The latest standings are here. Heading into the last few weeks Steve W. is eyeballin' Lucas M. for the "Top Dog" in the Men's Category for time and w/kg. Ray T. is leading the Master Men's Category. Michele T. has a strong hold on in the Women's Category with Dona H. at the top in the Master Women's Category. Think you can best their times? Come on out.

VO2 Max testing through HPC on 1/15 and 1/16. Call for details or to make a reservation.

Congrats to HPC on the opening of their new training center at 783 Station Street in Herndon, VA. If your in the area check it out. Take a class. The Speed Shop attendees are challenging HPC to a TT!

Speed Shop Socks are here! $6/ea or 3 for $15

We filled the shop with a last minute 8a.m. snow day class this Saturday that
drew some new and familiar faces. Look for more of these in the future.
New to the Speed Shop - Bryan and Mike with former "Gun Show" vid star Anna

Mounatin biker Dona H. still feeling the pain from Thursday's class.

One of the shop favorites RB (center) started his comeback this weekend. Getting the "who came the farthest" award goes to Mr. Lance Lacey (on the left) sporting his new team kit from Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit Cycling Team
On the right is Shop regular Steve Wahl of Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team (ABRT), looking pretty fresh before he almost tossed his cookies doing the TT.

Other Speed Shop news:
In early October Lucas McCullom successfully completed his second Ford Ironman Championships in Hawaii. He finished in a time most people dream of despite a mix up with his special needs bag heading into the run segment. Lucas will be representing powerhouse Team Snapple next season. Lucas will be a guest speaker at the Frederick Triathlon Club meeting this week. For details check their website here.

Kevin Kendro had a stellar performance in Ironman 70.3 Florida. Kevin did a lot of solo rides at the Speed Shop prepping for the event.

Mike Orsini also had some saddle time at the Speed Shop prepping for his successful completion of Ironman Arizona.

Vicki Bate participated in the inaugural Ironman Cozumel. Her dedicated training and determination pushed her into 5th place in her division heading into the run. Unfortunately, lack of support (nutrition) at the aid stations became a factor and Vicki, who admirably manages Crohns and Celiac Disease had to make a difficult but necessary decision to call it a day.

Kevin Green recently completed the Philadelphia Marathon and is looking forward to getting back on the bike real soon.

Congratulations to all these great athletes!
And a huge THANKS for your support of "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop!!