Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shop Updates and Spin Larry

We have an exciting update to the "Top Dog" Winter TT Competition. Raw Revolution has come on board as a sponsor. We had some samples of their product at the Speed Shop from "Kelley Acres" Cross Race. They were thrilled to step up to become involved in another "Kelley Acres" event.
The TT standings are heating up. Joos is still holding onto the top spot in the Men's Competition and w/kg. Christine M. is now at the top of the Women's Competition and w/kg. In the Master's Categories Kevin C. and Bernie Sellers are "Top Dog" in the 40+ and 50+ respectively. Christine M. and Vicki B. round out the Master's Women 40+ and 50+. Chuck K., Kevin C., Rachel B., Vicki B. and Donna P., have shaved significant amounts of time off previous rides.

Last weekend I attended the USA Cycling Level 2 Coaching Clinic in Baltimore, MD. This three day event was much more interesting than expected. The quality of the instructors as well as the attendees made for exceptional information sharing and learning experience. Topics covered over the weekend ranged from Nutrition/Hydration, Periodization/Training Plan Design, and Tactics covered by Sam Callan and Al Gandolfi. Dr. Andy Doyle provided a tremendous amount of information on sports physiology as it applies towards cyclists and triathletes.

Speed Shop regular, Steve Wahl got some PRESS at GamJams. Way to go and a big thanks for the shout out !

I kept hearing alot of chatter on Weds. mornings about Spin Larry from the local YMCA spin classes. Larry contacted me about attending his first class at the Speed Shop. Last week Larry not only came to class but had his game face on during the Shop TT!
Spin Larry and the Weds. morning crew
Larry and Christine were on each other's wheels for most of the TT. Larry took her at the line on the uphill finishing stretch.
Stay tuned.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter Heat Wave at the Speed Shop

The "Top Dog" Winter TT Competition is underway. Minutes are begin knocked off of previous performances as riders are training harder than ever to get their legs ready for Spring. Check the standing here.
A special shout out to Joos. He showed up with his game face on and is now leading the Men's Category on time and w/kg. Kevin C. is at the top of the Master's Men's 40+ standings. And crowd favorite, Bill S. had an impressive performance and is leading the Master's Men's 50+ category.
Donna P. is not only leading the Women's Category but also the Master's Women 50+. Look for more updates in the coming week.

Last weekend, Susan from HPC came to the Speed Shop for VO2 testing. Nine riders participated in the torture session to obtain information that will help them to train more efficiently using the power and heart rate information. Here is a link that describes additional information obtained from the testing.

Corey R. getting warmed up for the test
Kevin K. is getting started

Vicki B. just finishing her test!

Ray T. is pedaling FAST!

First time tester George C. didn't even sweat!

We have a great crew of ladies on Wednesday mornings. Paula R. gets an award for "fastest set up". She leaves herself as little time as possible to get ready for class. Rachel picked up on this and gave her this T-shirt.

Look for Paula in the TT results real soon.

Blanca is another one of our Wednesday ladies. Rachel (in the back) recognized Blanca's fighting spirit and suited her up with this little T-shirt.

Monday, January 4, 2010

And the Winners are....

The Speed Shop's "Top Dog" Fall Season TT Competition was a "barn burner". Those of you who know me well~there were no actual flames, so relax! But there were some serious watts burned!

The course was the 10K (6.2mi) CompuTrainer Indoor Time Trial . Triathlete Lucas M. dominated both Men's categories based on time and w/kg. Word on the street is he is already eyeballin' the Winter Competition. The Women's time category was won by triathlete Michele T. while, Paula R. took the top spot in the w/kg category.

In the Master's 40+ category roadie Jim J. edged out Henrik O. by 4"! Newlywed Christine F. won the Women's 40+ category over a tenacious Christine M.
Check out the full results HERE

The "Top Dog" Winter TT Competion will be announced in the next week. There will be a few small changes and it will be held on the same course.
In other shop news....

Local triathletes started their season this weekend.
For 3hrs. every Sunday morning they go into lockdown at the Speed Shop.

George C. is new to the Speed Shop training. Vicki B. was admiring his special needs bag!
You know it's cold when super mt. bike chick and friend Anna visits the Speed Shop. Look for her racing with Gripped Racing this season. And based on her game face she'll make a run at the Kenda Cup.
This is the Sunday afternoon crew that got to take advantage of one of the added classes due to the frigid temps. *photo by Anna

The high winds Saturday night managed to topple the deluxe porto-john, but Mr. Kelley Acres had it upright by classtime...sorry no interior photos.

Keep checking the website for class updates and additions. You can also find us on Facebook at "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop.