Sunday, January 23, 2011

Full Tilt

The Winter Session at the Speed Shop is full tilt with packed classes.  There are lots of exciting updates coming your way so read on...

Armed with Functional Threshold Power (FTP) information, riders are training smarter!  The FTP class started out as an experimental class to find out if anyone would like to learn more about how training with power effects their workouts.  Everyone embraced the information and are now using it to train more specifically to the data obtained from the FTP Testing Class.  

Junior Riders Nathan C., Ken J., Nathan T. and Jacob S.

The Speed Shop is very excited to announce the addition of the first Junior/Parent Class. Led by Coach Ray on Saturdays these guys are getting in some great workouts but more importantly developing good riding habits.  Look for these kids on the road this spring.

Navy Collegiate Cycling Team led by Jim W.

With temperatures in the single digits the Navy Collegiate Cycling Team paid a visit to the Speed Shop this weekend. Race season is only a couple weeks away for these guys and  Coach Jim W. wanted to fine tune their fitness. 

Announcing the 2011 "Top Dog" Winter Time Trial Competition

After a very exciting "Top Dog" Fall TT Competition 0ur wonderful sponsors are once again on board again for the winter session. Wheel Base Bikes, Justin's Nut Butter, Raw Revolution and "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop have all returned with some great prizes for our "Top Dog's" in each category.   We have added a  new combined category, the Parent/ Junior (18 & under).  NOW is the time to get your team together and start planning your strategy because the Time Trial will be run randomly starting this week in the Winter Session classes. Also,  look for other added classes.   Check out the new flyer on the website.

Speed Shop Housekeeping
There has been overwhelming response to classes this winter. We have created a Google Group to help with communication.  This is a great way to find out about last minute class openings and random classes that are added. Also, if you would like to find a substitute, in lieu of a make up,  for a class post it on the Group. If you are going to get reimbursed for your spot it must be handled directly with the rider.  The Speed Shop will not handle funds between riders.  Please let Chris know of any changes.  If you are not in the group yet send an email and you will be added.  

Thanks to everyone for all your support this year.  The Shop is feeling the love and we hope you will be feeling it on the road this spring! 

Please read carefully our policy on cancellations. 
Pre-Registered and Punch Card riders must give 24 hrs. notice if unable to attend a class in order to qualify for a make up.  The rider not attending must give the notice directly to Chris.  Riders can find a substitute to pay them directly in which case the rider missing the class will not qualify for a make up.  The Speed Shop will not handle payments between riders.  Classes can be made up in any class with available space. If no notice is received, the rider does not qualify for a make up class.  In the event of holidays or inclement weather classes every effort will be made to reschedule or offer a make up. 

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