Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tri-Training Together!

At the Speed Shop we've brought the road cyclists and triathletes together to train. And with some impressive results!
Steve Wahl (left) of ABRT/Latitude racing Cat. 3 on the road landed an impressive result in his first Pro 1,2,3 race of the season after claiming his first mountain bike race win the week before. Triathlete Lucas McCullom took on his first ever road race at the Tour of Walkersville Road Race. And WON!
Road racer Jim Johnson (left)of Battlefield Velo won his race on Saturday as well. And doubled up for a top 20 placing in his second race of the day and a total of 96miles of racing. Triathlete Kevin Kendro (center)will be taking to the road for his first race this weekend. Randall Bauxbaum (right) of Antietam Velo Club prepares for his upcoming road season. Master's road racer Ray Trentini (left) of NCVC a regular at the Speed Shop was well on his way to a fine finish at Tour of Walkersville before the gale force winds caused a big crash in front of him. Ultra Endurance rider Henrik Olsen (right)joined in the fun on a blustery day.
The group got a great anaerobic workout on the "Escape from Kelley Acres" course. A special ending to the session was a full on race on a three mile course. Lucas won this one but it left the rest of the group hungry. So watch out!

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