Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Tribe tests the CompuTrainer

A few members of The Frederick Triathlon Club recently took the opportunity to experience an introductory CompuTrainer session at "Kelley Acres".
The first session included Tribe members Michele Trdina, Lisa Houck, Lucas McCollum and 5 other riders. They became true "guinea pigs" because the computer that had been working moments before class decided not to cooperate. The good news is that CompuTrainers work in "manual" mode which allow the rider to adjust wattage manually from handset display. While we were troubleshooting the computer the riders were coached through a series of 5 minute intervals increasing watts after each interval. Being able to experience the CompuTrainer in manual mode is great for specific interval training.
Tribe members Mike Matney, Dave Miller and Lucas attended the second session along with 5 other cyclists. Lucas had been in contact earlier in the week to arrange to attend both sessions. He was finishing his final block of training to be ready for the mother of all Ironman competitions, Hawaii. With this in mind and the computer back in action. It was decided to bring a 19.7 mile section of the Kona Course to CompuTrainer Class. During the ride the class was coached through a pyramid interval session.

Lucas finished first!
Dave Miller reported "What a session! The ladder really stressed all of us and there was an abundant amount of sweat produced during the session. The Kona course itself had a few interesting climbs and one sweet downhill which was really cool. As expected, Lucas came in first finishing this segment in a little over 54 min, avg speed of 21.6. But, several of the cyclists weren’t too far behind.
My overall first impressions are positive. I really liked the multi-rider session and all the stats that the Compu Trainer produces. It definitely was a step up from just using the Spinerval DVDs on my trainer in my basement. Plus having an actual course with a sense of resistence adjustment according to my abilities/physical makeup definitely adds to the realism and ability to gage one’s self."

The "guinea pig" sessions provided very helpful feedback on the CompuTrainers, the facility and the classes. Many thanks to The Tribe for their input.

Over the next two weeks we will be setting up class schedules and arranging for group training sessions for the fall and winter.

For additional information contact Chris Kelley at 301.788.4631 or

“Kelley Acres” CompuTrainer Center is owned and operated by Chris and Fred Kelley.
Chris is a USCF Category 1 Cyclist and races for HPC powered by Altarum ( She is also
District Time Trial Champion and Master’s Criterium Champion as well as a USCF Coaching License and Coaches for HPC of Reston (
Fred is a former frame builder and owned Alpine Cycles. An accomplished cyclist in his own right Fred is also a District Time Trial Champion and has many victories on the road.

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