Friday, August 29, 2008


CompuTrainer Classes at "Kelley Acres" - stay tuned for info on free introductory classes

ATTENTION: Elite Athletes, Club Racers and Recreational Cyclists!!

“Kelley Acres” CompuTrainer Classes allow for eight riders to share the road and train together. Experience a new, exciting, and technically superior method of indoor group bike training like never before! High quality training that is FUN!! Improve your cycling power 20-30% and your speed by 2 to 4mph.

What is a CompuTrainer?
A CompuTrainer is a precision bicycle ergometer measuring wattage, heart rate, and cadence. More powerful than other electronic bike trainers, CompuTrainer has a peak power rating in excess of 1500 Watts to simulate road grades up to 15%. Unique technical features include rolling resistance calibration and electronic inertia guarantee it’s accuracy and authentic biomechanical simulation.

What is a CompuTrainer (CT) Class?
A CT Class enables athletes to ride on a virtual course with varying terrain which very closely simulates outdoor riding. Each athlete brings their own bicycle to the class and set it up on the CompuTrainer. During the class, athletes are free to ride the course as hard or easy as they desire. Just like on the road and no one is left behind! The fastest and slowest can stay together and feed off each other’s energy.

How does it work?
Once set up, up to eight athletes face a large projection screen where the CompuTrainer “MultiRider” software is displays rider’s data, including name, % grade, position, placing, how far in front or behind the next rider, distance, speed, and power (watts). A two dimensional profile of the course is displayed a long the top of the screen.

What do I need to bring to class?
Bring your bike, shoes, towel, a water bottle and heart rate monitor.

How long is a class?

Classes run 60 - 90 minutes

*Please arrive 30 minutes before class to get set up properly for your first class.

Call Chris Kelley at 301.788.4631 or email for more information and to be put on "Kelley Acres" CT Group List.

Stay tuned for information on FREE introductory classes and the fall session schedule with registration on

USA Triathlon rely on CompuTrainer to test and train their national athletes.

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