Monday, January 2, 2012

Cooling Down. Gearing Up.

"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop closed out the 2011 season with the final round of the "Top Dog" Time Trial on New Years Eve.  
Once again, Lucas M. of Snapple Tri Team not only set a PR but shattered his previous shop record and won the "Top Dog" Overall  Male Category. His going faster every year!  Ray T.  of NCVC repeated his performance as well and took top honors in the Men's 40+ Category. Randy B. of AVC put in the hard work this fall and set a PR and very impressive win in the Men's 50+ Category. 

On the ladies side, Cheryl S. of Team CF had a repeat performance of last winter's effort as Overall Female "Top Dog" and the Women's 40+ Category.  Vicki B. of Team Aquaphor and Frederick Tri Club was back in her familiar top spot in the Women's 50+ Category.  And last but certainly not least is Nathan T. taking top honors in the Junior Category.  Congratulations!!!  You have some Speed Shop swag coming your way. Full results are posted on the website.

Gearing up for the Winter Session we have lots of exciting news to share.  
A warm welcome to Coach Corey.  Coach Corey has been training at the Speed Shop from day one and will be helping out in the day classes this Winter.  Corey is a very skilled rider with a background in road racing and has been know to jump into triathlons as well.  Coach Corey joins Coach Ray and Coach Vicki in keeping everyone on track for the best spring riding and racing ever! 
Coach Corey inflicting a pain session

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Classes beginning this Wednesday (1/4)and running through Saturday (1/7) .  This class is highly recommend for anyone signed up for the 10 week session.   Determining your FTP at the Speed Shop will allow you to train more specifically during CompuTrainer Classes.  In addition to power zones classes will be providing percentages of FTP as a guide for maximum performance.   If you have a heart rate monitor please bring it and your heart rate training zones will be provided as well.  The class will last 1 hour.  FTP changes on a regular basis for each person. If you took the class before the 6 week fall session it is important to update your information in order to train with accurate information.  If  you are new to the classes or just coming back to train to this is a great place to start. 

The 2012 Winter Session will start on Monday 1/9.  There are still a few spots available if you have been on the fence about signing up now is the time.  Go here to register. If you have signed up for a season class or the FTP class check out the confirmed rider list to confirm your time slot.

The Speed Shop will be open 30' prior to the class start time for set up. Please arrive early for set up to be ready to go on time.  In addition to your bike, shoes and water bottle please bring a towel or towels (if you sweat a lot).  

The 2012 Winter "Top Dog" Time Trial Competition will be offered during regularly scheduled  classes in addition to some random weekends.  The categories will be the same as the 2011 Fall "Top Dog" Time Trial Competition. More details coming soon. 

There is a lot of training to do this winter and we're looking forward to getting started. 

Happy New Year!!

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