Friday, December 17, 2010


Lots of great stuff going on at the Speed Shop as the Fall Session concludes this weekend. 

There will be random classes to get your fix before the Winter Session begins on January 3rd.  Keep an eye out for email or facebook posts.  Pre-registration is going well. There are some spots available in the Wednesday morning and evening sessions and as of this posting in the Saturday 8a.m. class.  Remember if you sign up for the full session this guarantees your spot at that time slot for 10 weeks.  If you want to split the weeks with someone this is a possiblity but one of you must pre-register to secure the spot and work out your schedule and payment amongst yourselves.  If you want to start another class all you need is 5 riders and we will figure out a time.

The juniors class is taking on some form. We have three 14yr. olds and their parents signing up for a Saturday noon class.  We have 2 spots left for either 2 juniors or a parent/junior (18 & under) combo.  Call, email or text for more information. 

Even though the Fall Session is coming to a close this weekend the Fall "Top Dog" Time Trial is definitely heating up!
Top Dog Jim W. keeps shaving away seconds every ride to hold the lead in the Men's Overall Category.  My guess is some more big dogs are coming out to play real soon. It could get interesting.  In the Men's 40+ Category  Ray T. is also cutting time off of his ride to hold the top spot.  Greg Light is sitting at the top of the Men's 50+ but with a strong showing by Ed H. this week knocking off a nice chunk of time from his previous ride he can't relax too much. Not to mention the Standings Stalkers that might show up. 
Erica "Stealth" Stieve took over the Top Dog spot this week in the Women's Overall Category.  This was her first try at the TT and has close to a 30" lead over Patty C. who is leading the Women's 40+ Category by only 14" over Christine M.  Hard working Donna PT is the Women's 50+ leader with Vicki B. only a few seconds back. 
On to the Team Competitions. After some position jockeying this week the 80+ Mixed Teams is the most popular.  Ray T. and Tsahai T. are still holding on to their top spot.  With more teams jumping in the mix in the next couple weeks this category could really heat up!
In the Women's Combined 80+ Category Patty C. and Vicki B. are leading Teresa D. and Calista P. 
It seems the Men are a little shy about teaming up in the 80+ Combined Category. Come on guys! 

Remember Wheel Base Bikes is offering up a fantastic prize for all the "Top Dogs" , a free basic bike maintanence package.  And with the weather we've been having it's going to come in handy!  Along with some other goodies from Justin's Nut Butter and "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop.   Don't forget to check the twitter (@kelleyacres) feed for up to the minute action.

Please remember when we have Time Trial Classes having your time posted is optional. 

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season from
"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop

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